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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, April 5, 2010


I confess-up until recently, I have been pretty addicted.

To my computer, that is. (& nobody better bring any other of my addictions-like my coffee……or chocolate! Those aren’t going anywhere!)
My break with this addiction started out innocently enough. A trip with my husband to San Francisco, that set the stage for desiring less time on the computer.

Then, a little over a month ago, I got my Celiac diagnosis-& all hope of excess playtime (on my computer, that is) had to go. I had to cook instead.

Which, it turns out, has been a good thing.

Well, perhaps not the cooking.

But, my desire/ability to spend time on the computer has given way to much more fulfilling time-fillers anyway!

~Those kiddos actually benefit from an UNPLUGGED mom. More time for reading to them, rocking them, listening to them, disciplining them consistently, playing with them & teaching them.
~Consciously UNPLUGGING from the computer to go outside & play (for me & for them!)-what a mood booster!
~Getting things checked off a to-do list-who knew THAT could be fulfilling?!?!
~Realizing recently that my mind is actually engaged with “real” life when I am UNPLUGGED!

So, good bye, computer…….you HAVE BEEN a good friend to me.

But, I will still be blogging (I have to blab somewhere!), checking FB a few times a day, & checking my e-mail as well! (notice all my “necessities” on the computer are centered around “talking”…….hmmmm….that should say something to you-& me, I guess!! A girl has to have her priorities! Ha!!!)

How about you? Will you join me & UNPLUG yourself a bit? Get outside & enjoy it's beauty-where ever you are! Spend time with your family & love on them!

I created this post for Steady Mom’s 30 minute or Less Blogger Challenge in 25 minutes!
P.S. If you have a second, could you join me in wishing my daughter a Happy 9th B-day HERE? Thanks!


Kelly said...

I applaud you. I need to scale it back. I say it to myself all the time ... can't wait to hear how you pull it off.

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Good for you! I agree - the computer is all too tempting at times - an open portal to all kinds of creative, interesting, informative and even encouraging outlets - however it's a potential theif of one of our greatest limited assets, our time.

I struggle finding balance in this as well, but setting limits has helped with me - I've decided on limiting my blog posts to average 2 times a week.

Also, this 30 minute challenge is good incentive too!

Annie said...

aaah you know how sometimes God puts limits in our lives if we don't do it for ourselves? Yeah. we moved last August to a home that is MUCH infinitely better than our old one. One tiny tidbit: no high-speed Internet access available. I have a Netbook with 3G access, so I have Internet, but we're talking click a page to load, go wash the dishes, come back to see it...
It's forced me to prioritize what I do online, and I KNOW that those limits have helped me be a better mom and enjoy real life more!
Kudos to you for doing this voluntarily!

se7en said...

Oooh I have been unplugging - Nearly had an entire long weekend free of blogging... and I am consciously not going near my computer during school time!!! And we are all benefiting... my writing is quicker and more purposeful (instead of idling to post!!!) and my kids are getting their school done so much easier with all my attention - I shouldn't be surprised!!! It really is working for us... And my blog has actually survived with me not watching every second of it's life!!!

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