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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Story.....Part 7.....

When Ruthie was three months old,
we made our first rip to Guatemala.

This was also big for me,
since I had never left the country before.

After we accepted the referral,
the planning for our visit trip ensued.

Ana had to have babysitters lined up.
She was in Kindergarten that year
& I had begun homeschooling,
so I also had to:

Figure out how much homeschooling to plan for.....

Packing-a monumental task for me under normal circumstances (although I am improving). But packing/planning/preparing for ANY eventuality-while in a foreign country for a few days with a baby you are solely responsible for, & whom you have never met……with a language you barely understand-yeah it was a bit overwhelming.

Making sure all the plants were watered etc……

You know how it is….

But, I think the hardest thing for me-was leaving Ana at home. But, having never been to Guatemala-we just had no idea what to expect, so we thought it was best to leave her at home.

& it turns out that was a good decision-because when she finally met her sister for the first time, it was perfect-but I’ll get to that next time! J

We flew overnight into Guatemala City on a flight that left from LAX at almost midnight on OCT 4, 2006.

When we arrived in Guatemala City-the sights & sounds we amazing. Almost right away, I was at peace & excited to see what each new moment held. No more nerves! Wasn’t that cool of the Lord to do for me?

That first day in country, we went to Antigua. Even though we were exhausted from lack of sleep-every moment of that day is etched in my mind.

~Trying to catch a nap in the “Bed & Breakfast”
(I put that in quotes because it really wasn’t a B & B-
it was more like a “B & all the meals”
Really felt like home by the time we left.) before we left for Antigua.

~The drive through the city, up into the mountains, &
then down into the valley where Antigua is nestled between several volcanoes.

~The tour of the convent

~The lunch at a nice restaurant

~Shopping in the market-
& by this time the missing of a full night’s sleep the night before had begun to catch up with me. I distinctly remember feeling as though I was walking through a haze.

~Supper back at the “B & B.”

Such fond memories for me (can you tell?-ha!! ha!!!)

Anyway, the next day, we went on a tour of GT City & included a stop at the clinic where Ruth was born. As we sat for a few minutes & looked at it, I tried to imagine the birthmom’s last few moments with Ruthie being played out in one of the rooms whose windows peaked out on the alley in front of us. I just couldn’t imagine her agony. Knowing she was doing the right thing, but how hard it would also be.

Then-at long last the moment we had waited-literally years for!

We arrived at the office of our lawyer,
where the foster mom was due any moment with our baby.

She was a few minutes late, which we kinda expected,
& which allowed me to work up a real case of nerves
(I wish we had digital video of that-it’s almost funny.
You can see my hands shaking
& hear my voice shaking, too!)

Anyway-the moment arrived & in she walked!
She handed me my baby so quickly,
I could hardly process all of it!
Ruth took one look at me & started crying.


For over an HOUR & a HALF.

We left the lawyer’s office to drive back to the home we were staying in
& she cried almost all the way there.


So, after all the romantic buildup in our heads,
our first meeting was far from ideal.

& little did we realize how much the screaming would become a part of our lives!

Fortunately, she has toned it way down!!!

The rest of the few days we had with her, though, were heaven on earth.
Just took turns holding her all the time.
The few times she wasn’t being held were at night. And then came the goodby.
Which was almost the WORST thing I have ever endured.

& another wait began.

It was hard.

But, God sustained us through it all.

Tune in next week for more!!!!


Lund7 said...

Great story! The memories still seem so fresh in your mind as you recall great details!

I remember on our pick up trip to bring Peter home that he cried so much and so loud that I thought we would be kicked out of the hotel. And, I was sure he would always hate me for taking him away from the only security he had ever known in his foster mom! Didn't take long for him to bond with me however!

Anna said...

I love reading your story!

Thanks so much for the latest instalment:)

Looking forward to the next one.


Unknown said...

I just blogged about our visit trip this weekend...we hada our 3 year anniversay visit trip.....

Abby didnt cry when the FMother handed her over..THANK GOD!!! but she had her moments...and what amazing time and i'd do it all over!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your story and your pictures are so precious!

I can't imagine having her cry so much. And the whole leaving thing is beyond my comprehension!

Mama Bear said...

Love reading your story....Seems like the memories are so fresh in our minds like yesterday.

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