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Since my life isn’t all that different from yours, hopefully we can find some COMMON GROUND & learn from each other. Please share your thoughts!

Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Has Spung!!!

We enjoyed a nice day a few weeks ago at Garden of the Gods!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE living in CO?!!?
(just realized-I think my blog might need a Spring facelift soon!)

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I'm Back......I know you missed me! Right? ;)

Well, I guess an update on our lives is long over-due. (Well, at least an update here-we know what’s going on, lol!! But, since I am HOPING our lives *might* be of some interest to a few other people out there, perhaps I should fill everyone in!!!)

Here’s the short story-(& if you want the long one-feel free to keep reading beyond this paragraph!)

We are all doing fine! (Wink-ha!)

Now, the real updates:
My Celiac diagnosis/change over to a Gluten-Free diet has been a fairly smooth transition. Dave was out of town for the first few weeks (yes, it has been almost a month!!!), so I really didn‘t have to cook much. I also spent a week (with the kids) at my parents, who already eat gluten free, as my dad got his Celiac diagnosis over 10 years ago.

I have been blessed in that I noticed an almost instantaneous burst in afternoon energy. Not sure if this is because my body is finally getting the nutrients it needs from food-or if it is more due to the Vitamin D I was deficient in that I am now taking! What do you think would make the most difference?

I have discovered in the past few days, that Celiac is actually an auto-immune disease, which I didn’t realize before, but totally makes sense, since it is an allergy to certain foods.

Ana: (Now, here is some big news in our house!)
Ana has been suffering on & off with headaches & a month or so ago, began complaining that things were blurry.

You guessed it-she has had glasses now for about two weeks & has had no headaches & no more blurry vision!!!

Ruthie has suddenly hit a stage where she doesn’t seem like a baby at all any more. She carries on in-depth conversations & asks questions that are really making her mama think!

She is very concerned that she turn 4 on her next birthday & not 1!!!!

We are having her evaluated next month to see if she needs a bit of occupational therapy, but other than that, she is progressing very well.

He is getting ready to transition to a big-boy bed here in the next few weeks. He is also showing some interest in potty training!!! Yeah!!!

He talks non-stop (yes, my BOY) & has one volume-ear piercing!

Home again-at long last!!! He had been gone for almost a month-testing a satellite out in CA! While we don’t like him being gone, I am so thankful he enjoys his job-& he is super good at it! (& I’m not biased at all! Ha!)

The kids & I spent Spring Break in Kansas & the kiddos enjoyed every minute of being spoiled by their grandparents & digging in the mud that is Eastern KS in the Spring!!!

The week before that, my sisters & I had a ball with some old friends that came out for their Spring Break!

We have been busy, but we are all doing great, & I-for one, have missed my “cheap therapy.” (That’s what one of my friends calls her blog!) I expect to be back for a while now!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Slowly Ajusting To My New "Normal."

I plan on posting more soon about how my Celiac/Gluten-Free eating is going, but honestly, it can be so over-whelming.....I am still having to post less frequently. Meal planning is WAAAY more time-intensive than I was used to.

So, sometime in the next two weeks or so, I plan on returning to more regular posting, but for now, I need to concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

Thanks so much for understanding & I truly value your prayers-as this is quite an ajustment & I still really miss "old food."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Little Man!

(taken on our visit trip to Guatemala-11-07)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Parenting.....a question for us to bat around a bit.

A couple of weekends ago, I took a few moments at church to visit with a friend who is a huge inspiration to me.

This mom has 13 children (all adopted) & has homeschooled them all. (& I’m sure she wouldn’t say she’s a wonder-mom-she’s just a woman on a mission-to rescue as many children as she & her husband can.)

When we first started looking into adoption, this couple was one of the first we sat down with. (of course!)

Anyway, I have needed some advice from someone with more parenting skills than I, & possibly some left-over attachment issues with one of our adopted kiddos.

But, I never expected one thing she said to revolutionize my whole parenting outlook. When I asked her about it later, she couldn’t remember saying these exact words to me, but what I took away from it is this:

“Are we PRO-active parents or RE-active parents?


What do you think?

What does this simple question mean to you?

Would it change your approach to parenting? If so, how?

I sure am looking at it differently! I’ll tell you how after you share some of your thoughts!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

FFF....& not following the theme-since we have had no St. Patty's Day Celebration yet!

We have had NO Spring weather here at all, &, honestly, I am kind of tired of Winter! But, I found this adorable one of our family 2 months after bringing Natty home two years ago!
Can't believe how little my kiddos were!

Good Times!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Well, This Was A Delightful Discovery!!!

You know how it is……

When you started out on your parenting venture, you were sure that you would be the kindest, most organized, devoted parent.

Although I still try to be kind, & devoted…..

I have lost all hope of being organized!

I can’t tell you the number of times we have missed appointments, forgotten to take medicine, left special blankets places, & lost shoes, toys, books or clothing. (sometimes all in one day! Ha!)

*Please tell me some of you can relate-or else I might just fall down in a heap & cry!*

But, a few weeks ago, when I went on a weekend get-a-way with my honey (love you, Dear-I know you read this every day!)…….

& I astonished myself by discovering (wonder of wonders)

I do, in fact, still have most of my brain cells intact!

In the course of the weekend, I:

~Kept the bathroom counter organized & free of stray hair pretties flung down by little hands & free of goobery, toothpaste covered toothbrushes.
~Found it easy to keep clothes hung up & put away.
~Never lost my room key.
~Always made it out the door with everything I needed-(I never got that *feeling*-you know that awful feeling the split second after the heavy hotel door slams shut, just barely missing your 2 year-olds fingers!-“doggonit! I forgot to grab the diaper bag!”)

In the interest of full disclosure-yes, these things all DO happen just about every time I travel-but, without the kids-I suddenly seem to have gotten my brain back!

(Breathing a huge sigh of relief that one day, I might not be such a flake…..signing off for the night in 25 minutes for Steady Mom’s 30 Minutes or less blogger challenge!)

A Day Away......

Thanks, Rebekah & Shannon for hauling my kids up the mountain so many times!

We had such a good time together with my siblings!!
(Until my nephew broke his leg, that is!
I am serious! Please pray for his quick healing!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Playing Hooky Today........

I'm taking the kiddos skiing! My two sisters, one brother a brother in law & my three nephews are going too! (& yes, my sister's kids are playing hooky, too!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Mystery Diagnosis"-one of my favorite shows on Discovery Health-but I never wanted to be a mystery myself!

Terrible picture of me-but adorable of my three kiddos!!!
(this was taken on my birthday two weeks ago!)
(I wonder when we will FINALLY be able to get a whole family portrait.....when the littles are teenagers, do you think?)
For all my FFF friends, I am also re-posting some medical info I found out about myself last week-mostly to get the word out about Celiac Disease.


Well, I have been sitting here wondering how to begin with this post. I guess I’ll just jump in with both feet!

A week ago yesterday, my phone rang.

Little did I know by the time I hung up, my life would be henceforth & forever CHANGED.

& it would eventually send my emotions reeling.

Two weeks ago, I visited the dr. to try & get some answers to a few questions.

One thing that has been really bothering me as of late is that I cannot function without caffeine-no matter how much sleep I get!

Even then, most afternoons, my eyelids STILL drooped so much my bed called my name.

So, long story short-I asked the dr for every blood test I could to get some answers.

My Vitamin D levels were low enough that they wanted me on some of that…..


But, the thing which has totally changed my life is the next thing the nurse said-which I remember exactly.

“Your blood test for celiac came back positive, so the doctor is recommending that you go on a gluten-free diet.”

(Now, let me say-this diagnosis was not really a surprise-this disease runs in my family. In our case it is genetic & my dad & at least 4 of my nieces & nephews have been diagnosed with it)

But……It still requires a complete & total change in my approach to eating-as wheat gluten is an additive in just about every prepared food & of course, in wheat flour (read: breads that I really love!)

So…..on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, my diet changed.

I ate one last GLUTEN-FILLED meal, & since then, I have done my level best to avoid it completely.

Now, what does all this have to do with my emotions?

Well, with in this first week, I have felt:
~Overwhelmed (when I was shopping over the weekend, I looked at the vast isles of food & realized I have to now read almost every label-carefully before I place food in my cart).
~Fearful (What if I can’t do this? What health issues might come down the road as a result of my eating GLUTEN-FILLED for my first 39 years)
~Sad (Good-by bread, breaded foods & most things I like when eating out)
~Hopeful (that many of these seemingly unrelated symptoms can go AWAY now that I am eating correctly)
~Angry (that my body has betrayed me-& I am too young for this!)

I am doing better now, but every time I think of a food I will never eat again (so long Arby’s Mozzarella Cheese Sticks & my mom’s homemade bread), I have a new “death” to deal with.

But, with God’s help, I will get through this initial shock-& I hope to educate some people along the way, as I embark on this new journey to get my health/emotional well-being back! (& if any of you have celiac-or are on a wheat-free diet-please share your thoughts/tips! I know we will be revisiting this topic often!)

One of my favorite verses seems appropriate here:

“Commit your works to the LORD,
And your thoughts will be established.”
Proverbs 16:3

P.S. If any of you are suffering from any health issue you can’t quite put your finger on, please run-don’t walk to your dr & GET SOME ANSWERS!!!

P.S.S. If you suffer from exhaustion, digestive issues & slight depression (especially if you are of Northern European decent), please don’t rule out Celiac!

Finally-this post was created in 32 minutes for Steady Mom’s 3o Minutes or Less blogger challenge!

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