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Since my life isn’t all that different from yours, hopefully we can find some COMMON GROUND & learn from each other. Please share your thoughts!

Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Mom, I want to sleep in my little house."

I wanted to say, "No, you'll get a horrible crick in your neck."

And he probably will....but he *is* asleep,

And I'm glad I said "yes."

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bloggy Break!

Going to KS to help my mom & dad.  Mom is having surgery next week (knee replacement) & Ana & I are going to go help them both get ready for it.  Dad eats Gluten-Free, which requires a lot of prep work.  We will spend a few days cooking & cleaning, & stay through the surgery next week.

(Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE homeschooling when it comes to opportunities like this?)

Dave is staying home w/ the two little ones, so they also get some really good Daddy time.  Ruthie is looking forward to being Daddy's special helper while I'm gone.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day Table....

Decorated by Ana.  Sometimes it's hard for me to let go of how I want things to look......& let her USE her talents.

But, today, I'm so glad I did!


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow! Do you know how HARD this kid worked today?

This represents a HUGE stride for our sweet Ruthie-girl.  School has been a HUGE struggle w/ her (remember-we put her *in* kindergarten at the local elementary last fall.).

Today, she sat down & determinedly wrote all 25 Valentines for her class.

Without one break.  (took her over an hour).

I am floored & over-the-moon excited!

Does my mama-heart good to see her succeed at something so challenging.


PS. Sorry I have been a bad blogger last week.  Nat was sick-but better now!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whew! I'm not as bad as I thought I was!

This picture means something to me.  It encouraged me the other day, as I loaded the dishwasher, to note that after 13 years of marriage, we *still* have all the little spoons we started out w/!

Count them!  There are still 12!  That is nothing short of miraculous in this home (& yes, there's even been 2 moves!)

It might not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, who never seems quite all together, WOW!

What little thing has encouraged you lately?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick mama.....& snowstorm.....(& yes, I am very grateful the white stuff chose TODAY to fall from the sky)

The kids' love of all things "outdoors" is granting me some much-needed rest.....
But now, what?

Not really sick enough to stay in bed all day......but not well enough to accomplish much, either.

What do you do on days like this?

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