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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Story.....Part 5.....

I know I should post some Independence Day Pix, but one of our kids was sick, & we really didn’t do much special for the Fourth this year.

Instead, I figured since so many of you are adopting families as well, you might like a bit of a glimpse into how our story unfolded. I know I love reading all of your stories!

We are now ready for Part Five of the Story, & the first 4 parts are linked on my sidebar.

So….., in February of 2006, we moved from asking questions into researching agencies.

But, even here, the Lord was orchestrating events long before we got there.

We knew we wanted an International Adoption, but we began by talking with a lady at a domestic agency-to get a recommendation for an International agency.

She asked me (& the WAY she asked strikes me as funny now),

“How do you feel about little brown babies?
Because I know of an agency that has a very successful
& quick program in Guatemala. Would you like their name?”

(It just seems funny because I have always had a THING for little brown babies-love them!)

While all this was going on in our little world,
I sometimes sit & think of what was going on in our child’s Birthmama’s life.
She was probably on a set course in her mind that this was the right thing to do……
but the paradoxes amaze me.

We, here, beginning the process, & having no idea what the future held for us.
Her, there, KNOWING how hard this would be for her to do.
Both of our lives on a collision course to encounter one another.

We took the agency’s name down, & with in a few days,
I called them to ask for an info packet.

The NERVES began again,
as we waited for the package to arrive.

(I had also asked a few bigger names in the adoption agency world for packets
& we waited on them as well).

But, we didn’t have to wait for long.
Within 2 days, the package was in our mailbox,
from this tiny, little no-name agency.

We called some of the people the agency gave us the names of, & asked all the questions we had-& to make a long story short, we began to feel this little agency was the right one for us.

Tune in next Tuesday for Part 6!
And, for more FFF, run over to Sarah's blog!


Doreen said...

hi , it is great that we are connected through face book and our blogs.. your family is beautiful!! i did not stay at there when i was in Guatemala. we met Jose at the embassy during our first adoption, he did work for Eagles nest (special delivery) then i hired him the next 2 times i was there to take us to Antiqua... they are a wonderful family..

Anna said...

I do love hearing your adoption story Kim! Can't wait for the next instalment:)

It certainly is a journey isn't it and unique...but one that I wouldn't change for anything.

Take care,

Sarah said...

I do love adoption stories and the paths it took to unite us with the children that were meant to be ours!

Pineapple Princess said...

Following your blog!
Can't wait for part 6!

Melinda said...

There's nothing better than a good adoption story! Thanks for sharing yours!


Mama Bear said...

You have me wanting to know more more more! Can't wait for the next one. I so love the way God is in control of all our lives even if we don't understand the bumps and lumps and events that take us on a path.

Love your blog. Happy weekend, Rhonda

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