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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Story.....Part 6.....

(Links to the first five parts are in our sidebar)
We began the adoption process with talking to some of our family members,
just to let them know the direction our lives were taking.

I’ll skip part of the story…..
the part where we put our dossier together!
That’s even boring for people who HAVE adopted, ha!!! ha!!!!

But, around the end of June of 2006,
we had all our paperwork together.
We dropped off all our paperwork at our agency,
it was sent down to Guatemala,
& we waited for a referral.

About this time, my friend Lorraine
(who usually comes to visit once a year or so) came out to see us.
We love to take our friends into the mountains & hike-
or what ever they would like to do to enjoy the surroundings.
(We love visitors-hint, hint!! We are a pretty cheap hotel, too-ha!! ha!!!)

Anyway, on one such hike with Lorraine, July 20, 2006, we got the call.
And….wouldn’t you know it-I had the funniest feeling that day-
that it *might* be the day-
mostly because I knew I would be out of cell range most of the day.

I still remember exactly where we were when I got the voicemail notification-
but I couldn’t check it because I was out of range.
I just KNEWit was the call-
you understand, don’t you?

I had the presence of mind to snap a picture,
of where we were on our hike,
so I could always remember it-
just in case I was right when I could finally check voicemail!

Here is the picture I took that day:
(The west face of Pike's Peak-taken from Mueller Sate Park, CO)
& here was the picture we opened on e-mail when we got home:
We were supposed to decide if we anted to accept the refferal or not.
RIGHT......like "no" was even a possibility-NOT!!!
We said "yes" & thus began the Guatemalan side of things.
PS......could someone please give Ana some comments?
She asks me everytime I get on the computer if anyone has commented yet.


Unknown said...

Ana's blog is private i cant go on?

i loved the day we recievd the refferal best day EVER!

Lilysmom said...

I would love to give Ana a comment. I think you would need my email which is incorrect here. It is sarahdelap@att.net. Love that you snapped a picture of where you were very saavy. I was just starting work and had to wait the WHOLE day to see my sweet girls picture it was torture!!!

Anna said...

What an amazing day that day must've been for you to get 'the call'. Its funny how you just 'know' these things might happen. I can relate to that one quite recently in our case:)

Love the pic of the view...and mostly the cute pic of Ruth!

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