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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Please bear w/ me.....Yes, yet another post.....but this is one I have wanted to get off my brain for a while.

WARNING.......VERY LONG... Also, may need your kleenex!!

I have a few thoughts that have been dancing around in my brain. This is long, but it will help me to think it through.

Norma Patricia ******* ********. This name might not mean much to you, but…..

She is our Guatemaltco’s BirthMother

When our Foster Mother was dropping Nathaniel off for the week w/ us, we spent about 4 hours together-first in the hotel restaurant, & then in the hotel lobby.

Ana & her granddaughter (Paula-age 5) spent most of that time playing together-in spite of the language difference. Picture Ana running around saying, “Ven aqui, Paula!” which basically means, “Come here, Paula!” This is about all the real communicating there was…..but they sure ran around looking very agenda oriented!! But…I digress….back to the real story.

A few times while we visited-(me in my broken Spanish & her in her broken English-her daughter trying to help -& Dave just kind of listening & following Ana & Paula around), her cell would ring. This is not un-usual, but there in Guate, cells are about the only reliable phone service, so people are CONSTANLY on the phone.

Once, the phone rang, & I noticed a difference in Mama Anna’s tone. She started to get a bit emotional, turned to me & said, “Es Norma. Es la mama de los ninos.” If you don’t know Spanish, she was telling me that is was the babies Birthmother!!!

Wow! I literally was glad I wasn’t standing up!! I felt myself go weak. It took me a bit to even be able to figure out words to tell Dave what was going on.

Then….(I have to insert here-I’m so glad I can understand Spanish)…I heard her start to talk about how she was sad that Norma couldn’t be there w/ us to see the LOVE Ruth has had showered on her this past year. (Our children’s Birth Mother was in a terrible car accident right before Natty was born & is still on crutches & un-able to get around easily-almost 4 mo. later-thus she couldn’t be there). I HAD NO IDEA her coming had even been a possibility.

She told her that Ruth & Ana were beautiful & delightful.

She told me that Norma wanted to communicate how THANKFUL she was to us for taking two of her children. Many times, Mama Anna repeated this to us.

I was SO frustrated. All I could say, through Mama Anna & through my choking up throat was please tell her, “Gracias, tambien. Tus ninos son un regalo de Dios para nuestra familia!” In English-“Thank-you. Your children are a gift from God for our family.”

So much more to say to each other…….but no words really in English or Spanish. How do I tell her what a blessing Ruth has been, & I know Nathaniel will be? Ruth, whose name means “satisfaction” has helped heal hearts torn apart w/ grief over our child who we never saw open her eyes. Oh, my…tearing up!!!

We two mothers are forever united…..her because she loved enough to let go

And me….because God led us to each other & blessed our family w/ her offspring.


Some of you may ask:

Did that contact bother you?

No!!!! Not at all! Actually, Dave & I always wondered what we would do-search for birth family for them, maintain contact, or just leave it the way it has been….knowing very little about their Birth Family.

But, we realized, when presented w/ the opportunity, we were actually disappointed she didn’t come. Just to be able to tell her in person, “Thank-you!” Watch her reactions to seeing Ruth toddling around trying to keep up w/ Ana. Hug her myself , most likely cry together…..her for what she is missing & me for the JOY she has brought to my life!!! Tears of happiness & sadness, mingled together.

Are you threatened by her contact?

Again, a resounding NO!!!

She has already placed one child before making an adoption plan for Ruth. I KNOW she KNOWS what she’s doing….out of love, choosing a better life for her children.

Guatemalans who choose this route for their children are very strong people. She knows that once she makes this decision, (& signs off on it the required 4 times throughout the adoption process) she will most likely NEVER see them or have contact w/ them again. Imagine the pain of that decision. But, she’s done it twice now, & Nathaniel will be the third time.

How could I have been anything but thrilled for her if she gets to see for her own eyes that her babies are loved & provided for?

Also, along w/ that…..I know my children will always know who their “real” parents are. She is “connected” to them forever, but we are the ones that will teach them to walk, rock them when they cry, feed them, listen to their first words, teach them about our Savior, Jesus Christ, & watch all those milestones. Just like we have done w/ Ana Eventually,….we hope to raise adults that love & honor the Lord Jesus & have a close relationship w/ us & their siblings. . That is what makes a family…..not blood. But love….1 Cor. 13! “The greatest of these is love.” (By the way….I do not mean to minimize her part in this at all-w/ out her…..we would still just be a family of three-& we would never have had the blessing of hearts enter-twined as they now are.)

Reminded me again that children are just a blessing from the Lord, on loan to us for a short time. God drew the two of us together-a woman from Colorado Springs & a brave woman from Guatemala, raising 3 children in absolute poverty. In the short 5 min. or so she was on the phone, I was CHANGED FOREVER!!! I HAD been going through this adoption process w/out much thought for her (mostly bec., I haven’t had TIME to just sit & contemplate it!!!!!). But….no longer. Now, I see the world more through her eyes, & am forever grateful she made the decision she has made.

Am I sorry we didn’t meet?

YES!!! But,…..like so many other times in this adoption process, I am trusting that God has His hands on us, & KNEW what would be right for that day, & those circumstances.

Praying that if we don’t meet here on earth, one day I can thank her in heaven…..when we will all speak the same language, & in that PERFECT environment, I WILL have the words to say.

It’s not enough…..but “Thank –you, Norma!” y “Muchas gracias!” I am SO BLESSED by your presence in my life!

ETA: Just wondering.....what would you have done? Anything different? I would really like some advice here...the whole experience was so unexpected.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AND, Finally.....

Meeting my papa for the first time. March 2007.

Happy birthday to the greatest dad ever!

You are a great deal of who I am today, & I thank you for all the love & support you have always showered on me! ( & now Dave, Ana & Ruth-& soon, Natty!)

Love you bunches, Dad

As Promised....New Pics....

Thanksgiving re-visited!

"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters."
A work of art, would you not agree?
Ruth's first taste of pumkin pie. It was a hit!
I can never be accused of not being fun! This is b-fast the morning after the feast! For both girls. Ruth actually fed herself almost a whole piece!

Ana....who had just awakened from a nap.....after I told her to go put shoes on......she only made it this far. Too much party!

Moment by moment entertainment!!! Cheap, too, & good for extreme belly laughs!!!

NEW PHOTOS......and a bit of thinking out loud......

Poor Mama Anna. Not the best picture of her. BUT......such a sweet lady! I also thought this short sleaved outfit was a bit un-usual-for two reasons: 1. Guatemalans are ALWAYS worried about babies getting too cold. 2. What is that thing on the shirt? :)
Much better!!! MAN, is he ever cute!!
She is such a thoughtful Foster Mother.....laying him so carefully on the blanket my mom sent down for him. This is his "special blanket."
Oh, those eyes!!!
Can't wait to go & bring you home!!!
Also, we always get a medical update w/ the new pics. They told us he weighs 12 lbs, which I do not believe. I was just there two weeks ago, & I know there is NO WAY he could have gained that much in such a short time!!! Their scale must be off. But, still, everything else looks fine, so really that's not a big deal to me! :)
Yesterday, I was puttering around, doing some things that need doing-school, laundry etc.,when the phone rang…..

Someone at our agency!!!!! For those who have adopted, you probably understand the gammet of emotion this produces. For those of you who haven't I'll try & explain it a bit! :)

This is a bit nerve –racking when you are about 1/2way through this average 8 week review of your case, for several reasons:

1. It is always your agency that calls to tell you, “Congratulations! Your case has been approved. Your baby is now legally yours.”

2. When we have seen others get out of PGN in less than 4 weeks, it adds a bit more STRESS before you push that “Answer” button.

3. This part is always very subjective. She could be calling to tell us, “They kicked your case out for…..” This actually happens quite a bit. IF it happens, you get to fix whatever problem they find, & your case goes back in, BUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE!!!!! AURGGG

4. As soon as you see that number on caller ID, the thought crosses your mind like lightening-“GOOD news or BAD news????”

Anyway, turns out it was neither. She just had a few logistics to check w/ us on!!! STRESS for nothing!!

But, it reminded me again not to worry. And this morning, I was reminded that worrying does me NO GOOD!!! He cares about all these details, & He has the right time planned for Nathaniel’s homecoming!

Reading in 1 Peter 5 this morning, I was reminded that He loves/cares for Nathaniel more than even I do.

God was saying to me, “Let go (again), & let ME handle it!”

“Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7

All for now, but check back later today, as I may be able to squeeze in another post w/ pics of the girls!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I know many of you are already praying for this for us.....

But, if some more of you could.....

Here is the deal....

Right now, our son's case is working it's way through PGN (the Guatemalan gov't office that oversees all foriegn adoptions). When it exits that office, he will be legally ours w/ just few more hoops to jump through on the US side & then we will be able to bring him home.

The deal is, is that right now, unless we get the news soon that his case is out of PGN, we will not be going to get him before the middle/end of Jan. My DH leaves on a 6 week business trip right around then, & can't cancel it or come home half-way though. He really wants to not be gone when it's time to go & get our new little boy.

So, please pray for a speedy exit out of this rather subjective part of the Guatemalan adoption process.


Friday, November 23, 2007

WOW!!! I'm SO Excited I Just Have to Share!!!!

We have two sets of friends who have gotten out of PGN THIS WEEK!!!!!!

AMAZING!!!! We are SO happy for the Rices & the Cockrums!!!

Thank-You, Lord!!!

Here are pics of both families!!!

The Rices (who I might add, were only in PGN for 3.5 WEEKS!!)

The Cockrum kids!

Congrats to both of you families & we are SO happy for both of you!

(the links to both of these family blogs are on my sidebar-"Andrea -formyboys" & "Tina & Greg")

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Without the Turkey!!!

Well…..to make a long story short….

My sister Shannon, who also lives here in Colorado Springs, was working today. Can’t have a holiday celebration w/ out the only family in town, now can we????

So,…..We will be having our big meal on Saturday, as she is also working tomorrow.

Pictures first!!

Sunrise out our Dining Room window the other morning.
First SNOW of winter!

Ana, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. Rockettes visible on tv in background. Not exactly what we have in mind for Ana's future dancing developement! ;-)

Ruth, who also wants to be a "dancing baby sister," just like her big sister.

Before our traditional Thanksgiving Day walk. No meal to walk off this year though. We are working it off IN ANTICIPATION!!! (of Sat.'s meal)

Training our children right! Notice she's holding....that's right....A KU JAYHAWK!!!! Last night was the first night of watching B-Ball for us & Ruth was thrilled! She kept babbling & pointing at the tv., & hugging her Jayhawk, & clapping when we we did! She was still excited about it this morning! CUTE!!!!

Quiet evening activities:

The girls playing a fishing game-durring which Ana was SO PATIENT W/ RUTH!!! I was SO proud of her!!! So fun to begin to see them actually enjoying one another!

Baking W/ Lorraine! Butterscotch Brownies for dessert! Yummy! Notice Ana's "Pilgrim Hat."

This is Ana, hard at work creating necklace w/ a bead kit. She had "fixed" her own hair for the evening, & picked out her own outfit. I had to post a pick of the back of her hair. I can't get over the 16 yr. old, trapped in a 6 yr. old body!

But,…..In spite of no special food, I still have much to be thankful for today. Here are some of them:

~Family—Here and elsewhere around the world. (miss you, little buddy, boy. Oh, no, choking up!) Parenting is such a privilege. Children change your perspective on life-for the better! So thankful that Ruth is home this Thanksgiving, her first one in the US.

Also, much extended family that we are blessed to be a part of! Love to all!

~Friends----Particularly, my good friend Lorraine Darwin, who chose US to spend her holiday w/!!! How special!! Love your friendship! Also, new friends-like the Cockrums, & I'm SO THANKFUL that precious Aven is now theirs!!!

~Mostly, I am SO thankful for my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of His sacrificial death, I am now on my way to heaven!

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other Name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:12

Jesus Christ, that Name above all Names!!!
A THANKFUL Kim, signing off this Thanksgiving Night!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Trip Home

Sorry, once again, I have screwed of the order of photos as I was downloading them!!!
Got to figure this out!!!

Ruth, during our 5 hour layover in Houston. She literally spent at least a couple of hours pointing out the windows, babbling about the planes!
Ana, watching a movie on the computer while we waited.
Both girls slept the whole flight from Houston to Denver, MUCH NEEDED REST!!

Volcan de Fuego, in the early morning sun at the GC airport.
Taxiing down the run-way in GC. Neighborhoods backed right up to the run-way. Guatemala has so much in the "opposites" category. We, Americans "rich" enough to take all our family there & visit our second adopted child. On the plane.......moving past people who may never leave the neighborhood the planes rush past hundreds of times a day......

The God of the universe knows each one of those people......He cares for them.......& wants them, too, to spend eternity w/ Him.

I feel so blessed that He has placed us where He has, in a position to be able to catch a glimpse of the "bigness" of our God.

Ana & Ruth in Houston.

Ana, adjusting to volume on her movie. When did I stop having to handle things like this for her? She is grown up enough to do that by herself?????

Somtimes I wish I could make time stand still, & thank goodness for cameras that let us capture "moments in time!!!"

Well, all day yesterday, I felt like we were missing someone. Gee, I wonder why????

Just felt like my arms were more empty than they should be……

But, we did manage to get some good pics anyway, despite the general sadness.

Ana & Ruth are both still sick, but it kind of comes & goes in a weird way. I suppose if it doesn’t clear up soon, I’ll take them to the dr. We now think it isn’t food poisoning, but some type of bacteria they must have picked up from having their hands in their mouths.

Lorraine Darwin (who a lot of you may know) is flying in for Thanksgiving!! Can’t wait! Seems like FOREVER since we have seen her!!!!

PTL for good friends in Christ!!!

These verses bring great comfort to us as we wait. The comforting thing is…..we are NOT REALLY waiting on the Guatemalan gov’t, WE ARE WAITING ON GOD'S PERFECT TIMING!!!!

Psalm 130:5
I wait for the LORD, my soul waits,
And in His word I do hope.

Psalm 130:6
My soul waits for the Lord
More than those who watch for the morning—
Yes, more than those who watch for the morning.

Psalm 39:7
“And now, Lord, what do I wait for?
My hope is in You.

Psalm 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD
And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry.

Psalm 33:20
Our soul waits for the LORD;
He is our help and our shield.
Once again, thank you everyone for praying us through the past week!!!

Thanks to Andrea & Jim, who made our trip so much more special.

And, thanks to Jose & Saskia, for including us in your trip to the zoo & museum. Ana needed some "girl" time, & your daughters helped her feel so at home in the country of Guatemala.

Love to all,


Saturday, November 17, 2007

!No hay palabras para este día¡

There are no words for today!

So, first pictures:

Volcán de Fuego, Volcano of fire, spewing this morning!

The only family pic we got this week.

Ana con Tomas-another friend of hers from last year.

Mama Ana picking up Natty!

Having already done this once….(given our precious child back to the foster mother) you would think it would get easier……but….no…..today was JUST HARD!!!

Especially hard on Ana…..who doesn’t really understand EVERYTHING about this legal process we are in….

“Ella lloré mucho,” as they say in Espanol.

VERY hard on her. I think she did not understand that there is no reason to think he won’t be ours in a few short months. Until we had told her MANY times that Guatemala is one small step from letting us take him home, she sobbed uncontrollably.

This did NOT help Daddy & Mommy…..makes me wish we could foster here as well. He was just starting to get used to us…..:-(

Anyway, here I ramble on trying to describe something indescribable in it’s pain…….

Please pray for us tonight & in the many long days of waiting we have ahead of us!!!


Other than that….today was, another busy day w/ three!!!

~Ruth now has the same sickies Ana had, but no throwing up, PTL!!!

~Had to walk to the store & buy more diapers/wipes as a result

~Spent time in the baby lounge when I got back w/ the two babies. Daddy had Ana in the pool.

~Saw our lawyer in the lobby on my way back to the room. She needed us to sign another paper. Never heard from her that she was here, but there she was…..JUST LIKE EVERYTHING IN GUATEMALA!!!

~She then told us she would like to take us to see another hotel to see it (so we can possibly stay there on our pick up trip)

~After that, she drove us past the hospital where Nat was born.

~When we got back to the hotel, our foster mom was already here.

No time for me to emotionally prepare…..

No time for me to pack him up w/ tender loving care. Makes me sad to even think about now. Choking up! Please pray!!!

Finally, we ended our night w/ good byes, tears, a trip to McDonalds, fireworks for the lighting of the Gallo Christmas tree (for those of you familiar w/ Guatemala at Christmastime-you know what I mean), a swimm for Ana & bed for the kiddos.

We leave the hotel at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

You may ask, “Was the trip worth the pain of the goodbye?” YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

The Lord has been so faithful, & I KNOW He will continue to sustain us!

Wait on the Lord:
be of good courage,
and He shall strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the Lord!

Psalm 27:14

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fabulous Friday!!!

Once again, my pics are a bit out of order as I am STILL figuring Blogger out! Sorry!

One of Ana's "hotel friends" from Ruth's pickup trip, Hugo.
Ana con (with) Hugo.
Ana in the ball room at the Children's Museum.
My adventurous one, climbed right up to be encircled in the bubble!

Ana in front of the sign for the museum.
No description needed!

Our "picnic" supper. Pollo Campero in our room!
Trying to keep up w/ the big kids!
The kids are being cars in the"town," driving on the street!
More ball action! Notice the two biggest boys! Andrea's husband & mine! A few more of her boys & Ana are in this pic. as well
(another double I can't get rid of-but isn't she cute???)

Another meet-up!!!

Met our new friends for an afternoon of fun at the Children’s Museum.

Thank you, once again, Jim, Andrea, Chase, Trey, Zane, Tye & Aven for spending the afternoon w/ us, even after your stressful experience at the store! Hope you got everything you needed later! Your family has been such an encouragement to me, even in the short time we have known you! Praying Aven home for Christmas!!!! COME ON, SR. BARRIOS!!!

Happy birthday, & Feliz Cumpleanos, Trey! Thank you for spending your special day w/ us!


Tomorrow I give my little boy back. SO thankful for precious Mama Anna, who lavishes love on him, & that she lavished love on Ruth as well. Makes it a bit easier to give him back, since I know her this time. Still not easy, but EASIER! Please remember to pray for us tomorrow.

It seems like he is supposed to be in our family. It’s just “right.” We want to bring him home!!!

Ana & I were just thinking….we have 4 cases in PGN that we care very much about right now. Of course, our Nathaniel. And sweet little Aven (who I feel so privileged to have held w/ my own two hands!). Tina, Greg & Toby’s Lilliana, who I will do my best to get my hands on ASAP!!! And our Guatemalan friends, Jose & Saskia who are trying to get their daughter Kiki out as well.

Please pray for Nathaniel, Aven, Lilliana, & Kiki, that the Lord would bring these children permanently to their families IN HIS PERFECT TIME!!!
Love to all!

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