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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloggy Break!!!

We are taking the kids to far-flung places!!! Tune back in every once in a while, though, because I can't stay away forever!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Something new for us......

Ana is going to camp-by herself-8.5 hours away!!!

Last summer she went, but I also went & cooked.

I am not sure I like sending her off for a week away from us-I think I will miss her dreadfully!

But, it is time……

& really, she is going with my sister & her cousins-to my parents’ church day camp. Staying with them all in the house I grew up in….I know she’ll be fine.

But, her baby sister is already crying over Ana leaving……& I know I want her to go……I just don’t want her to be gone-you know what I mean?

(Did I mention she’s over 8 hours away?)

Have a great week, Ana! Daddy & I (& Sister & Brother) miss you, & love you & are praying for you this week!

(P.S. This post was written BEFORE Ana left. She is probably having the time of her life right now!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Climb, Climb, Climb!!!

Ruth has decided that since she turned 4, she can climb anything!
Makes for some interesting predicaments!!!
(& yes, I can lately be seen running crazily across playgrounds to rescue said child!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.....Summer Fun (from an earlier trip to the Sand Dunes)

P.S......Yeah!!! I have gained a few followers since the last time I checked!! If you're new, please introduce yourself & we can "get to know eachother!"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bedlam……errr….uummm I guess I mean BEDTIME…

It goes something like this at our house:

Along about 7pm, Mommy has a realization… “It’s been a loooooong time since the kiddos got up from their ‘rest-time.’”

(Yes, we are making a transition w/ both of the “littles” out of a true “nap-time.”)

So…..here is what a typical evening might look like in our house after my awareness dawns:

“Ruth & Nat-I’m setting the timer! Anyone who has their jammies on & their teeth brushed gets a story before bed!”

This usually works-usually. But, every once in a while, either one or the other will take a side trip to run careening through the Living Room with a stroller & a doll-baby dangerously close to tumbling headlong on the floor. Or perhaps a better idea that night might be to stop & eat an appealing looking crumb off the floor on the way to the bedroom. Any number of things are good for a distraction!

Ana, meanwhile, being the mature 9 year-old that she is, has gotten herself ready for bed & brushed her teeth-with little or no direction from either parent. (unless she gets distracted by the latest book she’s reading).

If things go well (& no-one has to go to bed without a story), then Nat & Ruth each pick a book from the box-without fighting over the books-or, you guessed it-to bed with no story! (I’m so mean! wink!)

After the stories, though, things really get interesting! (while I am trying to read a “big-girl” book to Ana).

Kisses, hugs, prayer-time with Dad, “tish-tish…..poom-pooms” (don’t ask-I couldn’t explain it even if I tried!!!)

Ruth-potty (sounds simple, right?). Not around here.
Me: “Ruth, how long are you going to be washing your hands?”
R: “Mommy, I am putting water in the soap container for you!”
Me: Thinking: HUH!?!?

R: “Well, the soap is running out!”
Me: “I’ll take care of it in the morning. GO TO BED! NOW!!!”
R: “Ok, Mommy.”

A few minutes later, after going to check on her…..you guessed it-usually NOT in bed yet. Instead, she has chosen then to pick up all the trash on her bedroom floor…..or to organize all her stuffed animals……or she is headed back upstairs ‘cause we forgot her drink. Sigh…..

Then, we have Nat….

Same song-different verse…..employ any/all stall tactics he can think of to avoid going to bed-including the afore-mentioned ones Ruthie likes-the drink, the stuffed animals…..

He also likes to wait a while-then get out of bed, turn on his light & start playing. How’s that for subtle? “Gee….I bet Mom & Dad will NEVER notice that!!” Kids are so funny!

But, tonight he decided to try something new.

He took on “organizing” Daddy’s mail for him.


He even managed to somehow get it in his room unnoticed–until the crackling noise of envelopes alerted his unaware parents.
Wish I had a picture…..it was pretty funny.
Boy, was he mad that his little play-time got interrupted!!

In our house-even bedtime isn’t a bore!!! How about you?

PS….I just went to check on the little hoodlum (a person who engages in crime-in this case, against Daddy's mail!) right now…..& this is what I found:

PPS....this post took a bit longer than 30 minutes, because, you guessed it-the bedtime bedlams are getting to us!!

A COOK is Emerging….. (thank goodness!!! (read previous post linked in this one-you'll understand why I say that!!!)

Readers of my blog for a while may remember some of Ana’s earlier attempts at cooking.


But, a few weeks ago, I am happy to announce……she successfully prepared a plate-full of banana fritters & one of strawberry fritters!!

(Ok, I did help a bit. I think the popping & spitting oil emitting from the frying pan was a bit intimidating!)

Thank-goodness there were no “surprise” ingredients!!!

& yes, I do plan on taking advantage of her new-found ability!

(& by the way……my newly minted cook is going away for her first week at camp without us-next week. She is thrilled to take an 8 hour trip away from her family with my sister & her cousins. I’m not sure how excited I am about it. YIKES!!! My baby is growing up. I’ll keep you posted!)

P.S. If any of my blog readers have any words of encouragement for me & how I’ll be fine without my oldest for a week-I’ll take them! I already miss her!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Neglected to Mention This a Few Weeks Ago.......

But a very special someone had a very special day........& is no longer 3. Where has the time gone?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Isn't It Funny How A Mom Never Stops Being A Mom?

Remember how I took a little time off a few weeks ago?

& I visited that restored 1880’s town here in CO?

Well, I realized how much I must have missed the kids when I saw this picture I took as I looked them over again a few days ago.

I distinctly remember thinking as I snapped the picture, “Wow! Nat would be in heaven!”
I guess once a mom, always a mom.

But, you know what? I am OK with that.

I missed them……it’s true.

(Psssst…..I had a great time, though-just me, myself & I. *smile*)

(did this post in about 10 minutes)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days Gone By.......& why I love them.

My love of history is a bit overwhelming to my hubby at times, I think.

I mean, on our honeymoon, I drug him to the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse on the continent.

On our honeymoon!!! (how mean, right?)

So, the other day, when I had a whole night & a day off, I decided to visit a restored ghost town here in CO-while I didn’t have anyone else to keep happy/entertained!

It was delightful! About 40 restored buildings with a mini-museum in each one. Heaven for a history buff like me!

I wandered around & looked at everything & stopped to read every sign that struck my fancy!


I have thought a good deal about this, & I think part of the reason history fascinates me so much is that I covet some parts of those simpler times.

I mean, when I am forced to go without many modern conveniences (once each summer I am without any cell coverage or internet accesses) , I prioritize better & enjoy my family more.

Can anyone else relate to this? Talk to me……. :)

A few other pics from my "get-away!"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dear!!!!

Daddy Dave…..the best dad any kids could ever ask for….

When you are gone on one of your business trips, these are some of the things they miss:
Ana-all the dates you take her on.

Ruthie-just sitting on your lap.

Nat-Nat-getting “haiw-cuts wuff Dad.”

& I love the way you:
~talk with Ana like she is an adult. You always treat her with respect.
~cuddle with Ruthie in the morning. You always seem to know when all she needs is to be held.
~bend over & pick up that tiny little boy and carry him when his legs are too tired.

Hubby-I appreciate many things about you, but this one thing outshines them all-our kids have a dad who demonstrates his love in ways they understand.
Happy belated Father’s Day to the best Dad EVER!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


I hardly know what it is any more.

But, just now, I am sitting on a bed & though my window is open, I hear nothing but silence.

“Why,” you might be asking…..

Because my hubby sent me away for a night. To a bed & breakfast of my choosing.

I chose the Woodland Inn Bed & Breakfast in Woodland Park, CO, for two reasons:
1. They advertise a Gluten-Free menu option! (Yeah!!! Do you know how hard food allergies can be to avoid on a little get-away like this?)
2. This happens to be where Dave & I spent our 2nd Anniversary-almost 10 years ago.

But, back to the silence……I digress.
I remember my 2nd Grade teacher explaining to us why “Silence is Golden.”

Gold is valuable, rare, & pure. Often, it’s given as a gift.

Silence is valuable-not something to be wasted. Which is why I am using it (in part) to write. I rarely have time anymore to just sit in quietness & let thoughts flow out through my fingertips. While what I write is perhaps not of huge significance to many, it still is one of MY outlets-& I need to use time wisely when given to me.

Silence-true silence-is rare, especially in my case. If any of you know my family IRL, you know this is true-as I’m sure it is for most mamas. The last time I sat in such a quiet room was probably sometime in early 2001!!

Silence is pure-unmarred by outside influences. I don’t even have a fan as background noise-something I usually need in town, since we have no air-conditioner, & have to sleep with the windows open.

But, perhaps, most of all, silence is a gift. I don’t DESERVE this little get-away, but my hubby gave it to me out of the generosity of his heart.

Reminds me of another gift:
“Return to your rest, O my soul,
For the LORD has dealt bountifully with you.”
Psalm 116:7

I have the gift of rest, peace & quietness in my soul. Jesus says in Matthew 11:28:

“Come unto Me all you who labor & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.”

& I have this rest-because of His free gift of salvation. Do you?

(Stay tuned for pics of my get-away! I am going to South Park City in Fairplay, CO tomorrow!)

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