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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bedlam……errr….uummm I guess I mean BEDTIME…

It goes something like this at our house:

Along about 7pm, Mommy has a realization… “It’s been a loooooong time since the kiddos got up from their ‘rest-time.’”

(Yes, we are making a transition w/ both of the “littles” out of a true “nap-time.”)

So…..here is what a typical evening might look like in our house after my awareness dawns:

“Ruth & Nat-I’m setting the timer! Anyone who has their jammies on & their teeth brushed gets a story before bed!”

This usually works-usually. But, every once in a while, either one or the other will take a side trip to run careening through the Living Room with a stroller & a doll-baby dangerously close to tumbling headlong on the floor. Or perhaps a better idea that night might be to stop & eat an appealing looking crumb off the floor on the way to the bedroom. Any number of things are good for a distraction!

Ana, meanwhile, being the mature 9 year-old that she is, has gotten herself ready for bed & brushed her teeth-with little or no direction from either parent. (unless she gets distracted by the latest book she’s reading).

If things go well (& no-one has to go to bed without a story), then Nat & Ruth each pick a book from the box-without fighting over the books-or, you guessed it-to bed with no story! (I’m so mean! wink!)

After the stories, though, things really get interesting! (while I am trying to read a “big-girl” book to Ana).

Kisses, hugs, prayer-time with Dad, “tish-tish…..poom-pooms” (don’t ask-I couldn’t explain it even if I tried!!!)

Ruth-potty (sounds simple, right?). Not around here.
Me: “Ruth, how long are you going to be washing your hands?”
R: “Mommy, I am putting water in the soap container for you!”
Me: Thinking: HUH!?!?

R: “Well, the soap is running out!”
Me: “I’ll take care of it in the morning. GO TO BED! NOW!!!”
R: “Ok, Mommy.”

A few minutes later, after going to check on her…..you guessed it-usually NOT in bed yet. Instead, she has chosen then to pick up all the trash on her bedroom floor…..or to organize all her stuffed animals……or she is headed back upstairs ‘cause we forgot her drink. Sigh…..

Then, we have Nat….

Same song-different verse…..employ any/all stall tactics he can think of to avoid going to bed-including the afore-mentioned ones Ruthie likes-the drink, the stuffed animals…..

He also likes to wait a while-then get out of bed, turn on his light & start playing. How’s that for subtle? “Gee….I bet Mom & Dad will NEVER notice that!!” Kids are so funny!

But, tonight he decided to try something new.

He took on “organizing” Daddy’s mail for him.


He even managed to somehow get it in his room unnoticed–until the crackling noise of envelopes alerted his unaware parents.
Wish I had a picture…..it was pretty funny.
Boy, was he mad that his little play-time got interrupted!!

In our house-even bedtime isn’t a bore!!! How about you?

PS….I just went to check on the little hoodlum (a person who engages in crime-in this case, against Daddy's mail!) right now…..& this is what I found:

PPS....this post took a bit longer than 30 minutes, because, you guessed it-the bedtime bedlams are getting to us!!


Nina said...

well, mine goes to bed a little better because he still sleeps in my bed! :) but he also gets punished by losing a story. is that sad that I do that? he cried once at the library because he was so bad he lost out on getting books. I don't know anyone that has an easy, smooth bedtime. unless they just lock their kids in or get a sitter ;)

Sofia's Ideas said...

Oh my gosh, this is exactly what we have been working on all month long - our evening routines! I have a feeling this Focus of the Month is going to take an additional month to turn into a habit though. I feel your pain! :)

I'm stopping by through Steady Mom's 30 Minute Challenge. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @ http://sofiasideas.com/

Kelly said...

Yikes. I feel very fortunate that we don't have many bedtime antics. Those are reserved for nap times. However, our routine starts early ... some would say it starts with waking up in the morning. :) But I'm not complaining!

At least the bedlam leaves you with fun stories and photos!

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Lights out are serious business 'round our parts!

I'm worn out just reading that! I'm SO ready for bedtime when it comes around that I'm even more 'mean' than you, taking away morning TV time for bedlam offences at bedtime.

At least it makes for good blog fodder, right?

That photo of your little dude passed out on the floor is priceless!

Kim & Dave said...

Heidi-we are pretty serious about it around here, too-it's just that the threats of punishment "tomorrow" don't phase our kids much-maybe they are still too young! :)

Anne said...

Ha! I think once you are outnumbered and your kids are young bedtime=bedlam. At least your kids get points for creativity :)

Love the picture of him sacked out on the floor. How did you get up so high to get that view?

Gardenia said...

Oh, the part about Ana getting ready all by herself with no fanfare gives me hope that someday my daughter will do that! right now, at 3, she thinks of every reason why she can't get ready to go to bed right now -- like your kiddos.

Kim & Dave said...

Anne-I held it up high & kinda guessed at where he was. Took a few tries to get it right! Ha!

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