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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Help For the Home" Harvest of Ideas

I know I said I was taking a break from my themed posts,
but this one was too good to pass up!

Sticky Tack is your friend.


I use it for EVERYTHING!

I put in on the backs of picture frames to make sure they hang straight.

I used it to hang a little mirror in my desk.

I use it to put up little signs for the kids-so they’ll know where to put stuff away.

BUT…..this picture shows the best use I have found for it in a long time!

For a long time, washing the bibs after every meal has been bugging me,

because I have no place to let them drip dry for the next meal.

My friend Amy gave me the cool suction hooks you see the bibs hanging on, but I had nowhere to hang the hooks, because I had no smooth, hard surface, above a spot they could drip a bit. (Keep in mind, this is Colorado, so NOTHING stays REALLY wet long.)

Enter the Sticky Tack.

And a small plate of glass.

Put the “Tack” on the glass, &-Voila!!! (is that spelled correctly???)

We now have a place the suction hooks will stick to & thus, a place to hang the bibs!

I love it! We always have clean, dry bibs for every meal.

How would/have YOU used Sticky Tack?

(Oh, & one other thing-we only have two bibs in the house. That is another way we have minimized things-I got rid of all the other bibs when I found these. These can be totally soaked & washed in hot, soapy water & hung up to dry & they are dry by the next meal. They totally cover up the kids, too, so why bother with any other kind of bib?)

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Brad said...

Good enough spelling for Spanish students, but Mme Seabolt would want me to add the accent grave: Voilà.

And to contribute on a more substantial level: If I had use for bibs, I'd probably let them dry over the shower rod in the bathroom. (The towel rack would be too low for idle hands.)

Andrea said...

Hey girl!

I dreamed that I was at your house for dinner last night!!!


Miss ya!


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