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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back......I know you missed me! Right? ;)

Well, I guess an update on our lives is long over-due. (Well, at least an update here-we know what’s going on, lol!! But, since I am HOPING our lives *might* be of some interest to a few other people out there, perhaps I should fill everyone in!!!)

Here’s the short story-(& if you want the long one-feel free to keep reading beyond this paragraph!)

We are all doing fine! (Wink-ha!)

Now, the real updates:
My Celiac diagnosis/change over to a Gluten-Free diet has been a fairly smooth transition. Dave was out of town for the first few weeks (yes, it has been almost a month!!!), so I really didn‘t have to cook much. I also spent a week (with the kids) at my parents, who already eat gluten free, as my dad got his Celiac diagnosis over 10 years ago.

I have been blessed in that I noticed an almost instantaneous burst in afternoon energy. Not sure if this is because my body is finally getting the nutrients it needs from food-or if it is more due to the Vitamin D I was deficient in that I am now taking! What do you think would make the most difference?

I have discovered in the past few days, that Celiac is actually an auto-immune disease, which I didn’t realize before, but totally makes sense, since it is an allergy to certain foods.

Ana: (Now, here is some big news in our house!)
Ana has been suffering on & off with headaches & a month or so ago, began complaining that things were blurry.

You guessed it-she has had glasses now for about two weeks & has had no headaches & no more blurry vision!!!

Ruthie has suddenly hit a stage where she doesn’t seem like a baby at all any more. She carries on in-depth conversations & asks questions that are really making her mama think!

She is very concerned that she turn 4 on her next birthday & not 1!!!!

We are having her evaluated next month to see if she needs a bit of occupational therapy, but other than that, she is progressing very well.

He is getting ready to transition to a big-boy bed here in the next few weeks. He is also showing some interest in potty training!!! Yeah!!!

He talks non-stop (yes, my BOY) & has one volume-ear piercing!

Home again-at long last!!! He had been gone for almost a month-testing a satellite out in CA! While we don’t like him being gone, I am so thankful he enjoys his job-& he is super good at it! (& I’m not biased at all! Ha!)

The kids & I spent Spring Break in Kansas & the kiddos enjoyed every minute of being spoiled by their grandparents & digging in the mud that is Eastern KS in the Spring!!!

The week before that, my sisters & I had a ball with some old friends that came out for their Spring Break!

We have been busy, but we are all doing great, & I-for one, have missed my “cheap therapy.” (That’s what one of my friends calls her blog!) I expect to be back for a while now!!!


Anna said...

Great to see you back Kim and hear your news.

Glad you are going ok adjusting to the gluten free diet and feeling better for it.

And Ana looks so grown up doesn't she in her glasses and Ruth and Natty are just so adorable and look so well! Time seems to go so fast with little ones.

Take care,

Tina said...

So glad you are back on the radar...I missed you! Good to hear everything is going well. Ana looks beautiful in her glasses. And aren't our kids getting big...I just can't believe it!

Gardenia said...

welcome back. sounds l;ike you all had a good month. glad your new diet is going well and that you're seeing improvements.

Laurel said...

I'm so glad to hear the updates on everyone and have you back at your blog, Kim. I missed ya!

Brad said...

I seriously read it as, "BOY... ear piercing."

I must stop scanning articles.

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