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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New School Year Has Begun.....in earnest!!!

Today begins the weekly trek across town for ballet.

It is a two edged sword for me.

I love the consistency all the activities provide for our family……
But I know in about a month or so…..I will be tired of living in the van-at the close of just about every afternoon of the week.

I also struggle with the age-old question: “Are our kids involved in too many activities?” (This year it is two dance classes for Ana, one for Ruth & one piano lesson for Ana a week)

How do you make these kind of decisions for your family?

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Angela said...

Have a happy first week back to school! It's always a struggle to keep a balance. Sometimes I'm so ready for Fall to come, because I love the newness of everything, that I over-commit! We'll see how this Fall turns out!

Anonymous said...

I delayed for as long as I could on signing my kids up for activities. So our rule is you have to be 6 and up. Could you imagine me running four kids to separate activities. Our other rule is one activity at a time. Which means if you want to take vocal lessons, you'll have to stop swim for the time being. I found this keeps them super committed to what they have chosen.

Running our kids to their activities is inevitable, I have come to terms with that. But allowing it to all run smoothly seems to be somewhat of an art. ;o)

Paula @ Motherhood Outloud said...

This is something I'm very cognizant of right now, with our first year of homeschool and a new baby coming soon I have been wary of over-committing. It is hard! I wrote a post about it a week or so ago here: http://www.paulanix.com/making-tough-decisions-easy-or-at-least-a-trifle-less-hard/
God bless you in the new school year!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

I completely understand! After eight weeks of swimming lessons, we decided to wait for my oldest to continue until we get our fall schedule on track.

KDL said...

It's kind of a way of life where we live. Over the Summer I had hoped to have play dates with several of my daughter's friends, but often when I invited them they were busy - like with 3-4 activities a day!! We're just starting preschool for our twins, so that will fill up their schedule, except for trips to the library now and then. Our oldest takes gymnastics, is a Daisy (hopefully our troop will start again soon, but that is once a month), and takes swimming lessons once a week until the end of October...and she is the LEAST scheduled kid I know. I didn't have nearly as many structured activities when I was a kid...we just played at home or around the neighborhood...but when the neighborhood is full of other kids that are scheduled it seems like that's the only way to provide some social interaction. I struggle with this all the time.

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