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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "Just Being Glad" Game

The kids & I devour CD books. We almost always have one or another playing in the van. We have listened to all the “Anne,” spelled w/ an “E” books, several Nancy Drew mysteries & ever so many more. (Yes, even Ruth & Nat listen w/ rapt attention to any story Ana or I pick!)

The other day, I picked up “Pollyanna” from the library. Growing up, we had a tattered, old copy in our home & I remembered reading it several times.

Little did I realize it might stop me short in my tracks……& help me re-evaluate life.

We listened to this section today (I know this is long, but, trust me, it is well worth the read!)

~Pollyanna explaining the Glad Game to Rev. Paul Ford. (Chapter 22)
"Yes, and I used to ask him just as I did you if he was glad he
was a minister."

The man under the tree smiled a little sadly.

"Well--what did he say?"

"Oh, he always said he was, of course, but 'most always he said,
too, that he wouldn't STAY a minister a minute if 'twasn't for
the rejoicing texts."

"The--WHAT?" The Rev. Paul Ford's eyes left the leaf and gazed
wonderingly into Pollyanna's merry little face.

"Well, that's what father used to call 'em," she laughed. "Of
course the Bible didn't name 'em that. But it's all those that
begin 'Be glad in the Lord,' or 'Rejoice greatly,' or 'Shout for
joy,' and all that, you know--such a lot of 'em. Once, when
father felt specially bad, he counted 'em. There were eight
hundred of 'em."

"Eight hundred!"

"Yes--that told you to rejoice and be glad, you know; that's why
father named 'em the 'rejoicing texts.' "

"Oh!" There was an odd look on the minister's face. His eyes had
fallen to the words on the top paper in his hands--"But woe unto
you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!" "And so your
father--liked those 'rejoicing texts,' " he murmured.

"Oh, yes," nodded Pollyanna, emphatically. "He said he felt
better right away, that first day he thought to count 'em. He
said if God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be
glad and rejoice, He must want us to do it--SOME. And father felt
ashamed that he hadn't done it more. After that, they got to be
such a comfort to him, you know, when things went wrong; when the
Ladies' Aiders got to fight--I mean, when they DIDN'T AGREE about
something," corrected Pollyanna, hastily. "Why, it was those
texts, too, father said, that made HIM think of the game--he
began with ME on the crutches--but he said 'twas the rejoicing
texts that started him on it."

"And what game might that be?" asked the minister.

"About finding something in everything to be glad about, you
know. As I said, he began with me on the crutches."

I have always struggled w/ “seeing the good,” in spite of all my efforts. Ana is much like me.

Can we play the “just being glad game?” We decided to try…..
There is only one rule to this simple game:
“ The game was to just find something about everything to be glad about--no matter what 'twas,’ rejoined Pollyanna,
earnestly. ”

Can I find something to be glad about w/ fighting children?
~They sure have spirit. They know what they want.
How about a husband that travels for work waaaay more than I like?
~At least he has a job. He likes his job. We get a lot of benefits when he travels so much! (free hotel points!!! Yippee!)

From today: What can I possibly find to be glad about when the “FOR SALE” sign was STOLEN from our front yard today?
~Well, we might not have as many showings until we replace it, but they are stressful to get ready for. (Possibly less stress for the next few days!)
~Gave me a chance to spend 5 minutes OUTSIDE in the SUNSHINE-looking for our sign! Yeah, sun!
~Ok….that’s about all I can think of. Can you think of any more?

The book Pollyanna reminded me that God’s Word says we are told to rejoice-no matter our circumstances.

A timely “read.”

(Looks like N might need to work on the "Glad Game," doesn't it?)


nora said...

I love that game! I gave up complaining for Lent - not in an ostentious way, but just to challenge myself and its been just that, a challenge. I have learned a lot about my habits and every day I get to try it again.

Lovely post and lovely kiddos! Enjoy your weekend - hope you find sun!

Brad said...

Speaking from Dave's point of view as a road warrior, it's not fun to leave.

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for three weeks straight, hitting Akron OH and East Lansing MI. Routines will be disrupted and jobs will be jumbled.

My "boys" -- ages 63 and 34 -- will have to cook and clean for themselves. Chad even asked me "What am I going to eat?" because Dad's kitchenability is limited to cans of soup, burgers on the grill, Rice Krispies, and eggs.

So the next two Sundays, our minister's wife will be at the piano. She will do just fine; I think she just worries herself unnecessarily about messing up. (And she sings much better than I do.)

But come April 14, I'll be back -- though we'll probably have to go back one more Mon-Thu to close things up on the Ohio job -- and things will settle back to normal.

You're right, though; racking up the hotel points does make it much easier for vacation planning. I am so taking full advantage of Wyndham Hotels' 4xpoints promo.

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