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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Help For the Home" Harvest of Ideas

USE that TIMER!!!
I use it all the time.

To remind me to not waste too much time in the shower.

To get Ana to work quickly on schoolwork.

But, the biggest place I use it, is when a household chore or project is so huge & overwhelming, I get discouraged just thinking about it!

I just tell myself that I can set the timer for 15 minutes & work until it goes off.

Chores I typically use it on are:

*****BATHROOMS (when they need a thorough cleaning)
******ANY big project I have put off for too long-
like going through kids clothes or something.

Can YOU think of places you would use this?
Forgot to say.....if you leave a comment, I'll link your blog!
Thanks, Leslie,
& Luke!


Leslie said...

I really should use a timer for my Facebook additction! lol


Kim & Dave said...

Ha!!! Ha!! Me, too, Leslie!!!

Anonymous said...

I used a timer when I did the massive cleaning in my bedroom. But I gave myself an hour each day and just watched the clock when I was running out of steam. ;)

How does Ana do with schooling with a timer going? I should have done that more as JP doesn't like the timing on standardized tests. He always has gotten the CAT test done (2x) with plenty of time leftover but it still bugs him.

Tina said...

I've used the timer idea before. It works really well when I remember to use it. Now days however it it used more to encourage Toby to eat (when he's stalling) and to remind me to take the princess to the bathroom since I know full well she knows where to go and how to say potty but is to stubborn to tell me so I have to keep taking her at set time frames. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Tina-I use it in that are, too-to remind me of things I need to do on an hourly (or otherwise) basis.

Joyce-Ana seems to like the challenge of getting things done ina certain amount of time. She's a daydreamer (like her mama) & wastes a bunch of time w/out the timer!

Linda said...

I tend to put things on the stove and then get distracted and wonder off. I might not hear the timer on the oven if I get too far away, so I set a timer and carry it with me so I don't forget.

Anna said...

I need a timer to go off to go to bed...I am SO bad at going to bed early enough and wonder why I'm always so tired!!!

I need one that switches off my computer or the TV I think at bedtime:)

I like your ideas Kim with jobs you find hard to get started on.


Kim & Dave said...

Anna-I know what you mean about the computer, lol!!! Especially when my hubby is gone on a business trip-I am terrible about going to bed!!!!

Luke said...

I've used a timer from time to time [snicker].

Mostly I use it when my computer has to do a lot of rendering for video work or capturing an hour of footage. That way I can go and do something else and be reminded to return to my computer when it's done. That way I can keep being productive.


Kim & Dave said...

I use it for that kind of thing, too, Luke! Like I said, I use it all the time!!!!

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