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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, February 8, 2010

I Need Some Help.....

I want some photo editing software.

I want it to be fairly simple to navigate, but I would also like it to have "scrapbooking" capabilities, if you know what I mean.

Do you see the new picture at the top of my blog? That is the kind of thing I would like to be able to do-but on a much grander scale.

I figured with all the people participating in this meme, I might get some good imput.

Any suggestions?

(this post was created in about 15 minutes for Steady Mom's Blog Challenge-I know it should have taken much less time-but I was also watching the Kansas Jayhawks BBall game! Hey, I guess that proves something good-I *am* capable of multi-tasking! Ha!)


Brad said...

You want multi-tasking? I grocery-shopped during the Jayhawks game.

(Of course, that's because my game ended in a Big Monday bust at the foul line. But, I still listened to the KU game on XM en route to the store. Missed the 21-point run though....)

Anonymous said...

Give the latest version of Picasa a try. It is free and can do quite a bit and is very easy to use.

Steve & Paula said...

Ask my mom...she uses all kinds of scrap booking type stuff for her blog photos.
I think Andrew set her up with it.

Derek and Jennifer said...

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements for my digital scrapbooking and other photo projects. There are a lot of tutorials online that have helped me learn the software. It's a pretty great package that costs just under $100. By the way I love your new look!

Annie@SisterWisdom said...

Hmm I'm afraid i'm no help here. my photography skills are minimal, at best.. lol. I do know my husband likes GIMP a lot, it's free/open source. it does a ton of stuff but it's a pretty steep learning curve, lots of shortcuts and options that are confusing for me (a beginner).

happylittlewonders said...

You should try Photoshop Elements. It is available for a free 30 day trial at the Adobe website and is usually available for $60-$70.

There is also a website, CoffeeShop Free PS/PSE Actions that has incredible photo-editing actions available for free to use in PSE.

I just started using PSE8 (free trial) after using Photoshop 7 for a couple of years. It's great for smple photo-editing and scrapbooking.

Laurel said...

Seems like starting with the free stuff is a good way to get your feet wet.
I use Picasa (free download from google) quite a bit for simple stuff. It's extremely user-friendly, though it doesn't allow you to do higher level stuff.
I also use Gimp (another free download) for more complex things. It is an amazing program, but, as mentioned, it does have a steep-ish learning curve. I think that you can find directions to use it to do pretty much anything you want. Have fun!

se7en said...

Hay 30 minute mom, You asked the question I need to know the answer to too... I will be watching your comments!!!

Jennifer said...

Great question, I've been wondering the same thing.

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