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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sins Come Back to Haunt Me…….

Or, “what goes around, comes around……”

When I was a child, I tried some bizarre things to hide food I didn’t want to eat. I think I figured out pretty fast that hiding it under the lip of the plate didn’t work, so I resorted to much more elaborate means.

(My mom, bless her heart, made us eat EVERYTHING on our plates-which today , has made us non-picky adults, but as children made us try all sorts of things to got rid of the food.)

HOWEVER, I made the mistake of telling one of these stories in the presence of my children. (Don’t repeat my mistake, I tell you!)

Last night, the results of this mistake were made clearly evident when I felt something fall on my knee, while it was scooted up under the table, during family dinner-time.

A crispy, half-eaten peanut-butter & jelly sandwich landed unceremoniously on the floor-& promptly broke in half.

The offending party (who shall remain nameless to protect their identity) looked suspiciously innocent (you know that look-“Who, me?” They don’t even need to say anything!)

I pulled the weeks-old sandwich up on to the table, & reached my hand under the table to see what else might have been shoved in the hole where a table leaf should reside (but doesn’t in our table’s case-leaving the space wide open to all manner of possibilities, I guess! Yuck!)

You guessed it! Another sandwich! Or two or three more.

Finally, Dave (my hubby) looked at her (yes, it was one of the girls-Natty is still in a booster & buckled in at mealtimes!) & said, “You get under the table & pull out every piece of food stashed under there!”

This was the pile that finally appeared……After a while of looking at how HUGE the pile was, Dave & I both began to laugh. Imagine how long she must have been doing this!

There is food I recognize from a few months ago, at least!

Yes, this little “food-hiding party” had reached an inglorious end. & I believe the offending child has been sufficiently warned against such activities in the future!

That’s what I get for not being careful who hears my stories!!! (yes, by now I’m sure you have guessed-she learned this stunt from me, her dear mother!)
Have your kids tried things like this? I'm pretty sure some of them have!

This post was created in 25 minutes for Steady Mom's 30 Minutes or Less blog challenge.


Terri said...

Now that's funny!!! I can only imagine everyone laughing as you were pulling all of it out!

Annie @ Sister Wisdom said...

haha! that is Awesome. hilarious. :) note to self: do not repeat my "clver ideas as a child" to my own children.

kate said...

Oh my goodness! We'd probably have a similar pile if it weren't for the two dogs that always manage to befriend the picky eaters in the house;)

amandaginn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I cracked up at this story. My daughter was just pulling out chunks of food from under her high chair cover this morning; now I know what to look forward to in years to come!

Kevin said...

I'm with Kate...our dogs are well fed :-)
Although, two children tried sharing lunch today and the dogs apparently weren't impressed as the crackers are still on the floor under the table.

Steve & Paula said...

Hey Kim,
Just a personal note, so you cn delete this if you like :o)
That is quite funny how all kiddos go through a stage of hiding food....I am recalling a story about Shannon and cheese?

Anyways, I wanted to just say, that it is interesting what she hid. All bread.
Might be something to it, seeing as your family has a history with gluten.
It might not be that at all, but if you can at least do a little testing without her knowing, you might be able to see if she is sensative to gluten.

So often the sensativity is not even gastric, and is just a general feeling of unwell, that for a child, is hard to even express.
Hugs to you!

jen@odbt said...

That is hilarious. There is some sticking power to those sandwiches. Thank goodness you have your blog to document this. My younger brothers used to stick their boogers under the dining room table - talk about a surprise when I look up from my hiding spot and saw their treasures. Ewww.

Kim & Dave said...

Jen-all I have to say is eeewww!!!

Paula-I am so thankful for your imput! We have been keeping a pretty close eye on Ana's digestive track, given my side of the family. So far, though, thank the Lord, she seems to take after Dave's side of the family!

Steve & Paula said...

Your welcome!
But, like I said, digestive tract issues have never been a problem with my celiacs.
Mine have been and are neurilogical.
Tired, achey, brain fuzziness.
Those symptoms can really show themsleves, if gluten is eliminated for a few weeks, and then tested by consuming a bite or two of bread.
My dads symptoms are all digestive, and even though I inherited the same disease, my symptoms are not at all the same.

Hopefully, its not that, and just a little testing on her part ;o)

I guess I had to say something, because its "normal" to hide green veges and liver and onions, but not bread, LOL!

Kim & Dave said...

Paula-that is very true-it is more normal to hide other foods-not bread.....maybe I will give this more thought than I had previously!

Jenni @ My Web of Life said...

Ohhh...my stomach hurts from laughing (it might also be that stomach flu that I caught from my youngest).
We recently got a dog and that has been my kids' latest trick- let's see if the dog will eat it.
What goes around comes around, right?
Thanks for a good laugh. I needed it today!

Leslie said...

that is hilarious! great photo to capture that moment. very clever girl!

se7en said...

That is hysterical!!! I used to hide food too but never on quite that scale!!!!! And I have never suspected my kids, ever!!! You have a good week!!!

Anonymous said...

Um.....or....maybe she is a typical little girl who doesn't much care for the crust!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious!!! Thanks for a good laugh. I use to be a food hider too. I remember having to spend some time with my terrifying principal after hiding all my fried clams in my milk carton.
My dog has definitely put on some weight since I've had children. The plus is that I never had to clean up crumbs after eating.

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