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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving “Out” of your comfort zone…..

“Out,” being the theme over at FFF.

I had all sorts of things that went through my head with that theme-
the most significant, being, of course,
when both of our adopted babies got OUT of PGN
(the part of the Guatemalan government that used to
supervise/approve international adoptions).

Forever the word “OUT” holds joy I cannot hope to describe, but if you are another lucky parent of a Guat tot or two (or more), you know exactly what I felt! The closest I can come is that it’s like finally the hearing the “Halleluiah Chorus,” when that is the only reason you went to the performance of the “Messiah.” Makes you want to stand on your feet & shout for joy!

But, for me, the word “out” also brought to mind this week that we are
“moving out of our comfort zone” in the Dillon family.

We have been on a homeschooling journey since Ana began kindergarten in the Fall of 2006.

That road is taking a slight bend this coming Fall.


She has been enrolled in a part time charter school.

Language, Spanish, Art, PE & Music will all now be taught in school.
All the other kids in her classroom will also be
part-time charter school/part-time homeschooled.

Can you hear me breathing a big sigh of relief?
All these things (besides the Language) have been getting harder
& harder for me to squeeze in with two babies in the house.

Can you also hear me shedding silent tears?
Just Kidding!
(sort of! WINK!)
I know I will shed them come August!

So…..two mornings a week,
my 8 year old baby girl will be going off to school for the first time.

I know, I know……you’re probably thinking,
“Just let her grow up!”

& I am…….

But I don’t have to like it a whole bunch!!!

(Don’t worry-she PROBABLY won’t see the tears next fall!)


Leslie said...

awww that is a great photo and OUT thememd post!!! She is a beauty!


Anonymous said...

It's late I know! I should be in bed and I am heading there right after I post here. Cute pic of Ana. Hear your sisters are heading this way and will here tomorrow, fun times for your mom. I must say that picture of And really makes me think of Dave...strong resemblance there! Signing out now...sleepy Pam

Tina said...

I know all the benefits of both worlds and I'm excited she'll get to experience what I hope is the best of both. And why o why do our kiddos have to keep growing up SO fast? :) LOVE the pics!!

Hannah said...

I started homeschool a few months ago with full time next year. I have been looking for a part time school too, none to be found here. I think it will be a great break for you and fun for her.

Great picture :)

BTW...my son is going in the 6th grade and I cried every single year when he started school.

Kim & Dave said...

Thanks, Leslie & Pam!

Some days, I wish I could hit a pause button on my kids growing up, TIna!

& Hannah, I am soooo grateful that we have the opportunity! I know not everyone does! Is this your first go at homeschooling?

MICHELLE said...

I love that word out also. But I must say that I am alittle sad at that word now. Dylan my 5 year old is out of school for the summer and he will now go to kindergarten. I know I will cry like a baby.

Pineapple Princess said...

What an awesome set up that she can get those subjects in her part-time school. I love how flexible home schooling can be, and she'll get the best of both worlds! How wonderful!

Rhonda said...

It is such a hard time to let them go even a little. I've struggled with it this year myself with letting my youngest attend preschool which she LOVES versus me at home cuddling with her! You are an awesome mom and you know your children the best and I know she is going to do terrific.

And can soooo relate to the hearing of the word "OUT" of PGN!!! Twice even! The feeling was truly euphoric. God is definitely good and is our guiding light.

Blessings, happy weekend, Rhonda

vaneblu said...

awww dont worry I would have cried too :)
Beautiful pic of Ana!

Anna said...

Thats a big step for Ana and you too! It sounds like a great thing though for her to learn those particular subjects and it will take the pressure off you.

Looking at that last pic of Ana she really is growing up...time goes too fast doesn't it!

Take care,

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