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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Considering Homeschooling?

Just thought it might be helpful to see what our day looks like. I know I wish someone had sat down w/ me & showed me THEIR schedule. So, pretend we're sitting down for a up of tea or coffee (my beverage of choice) & looking at this:

8:00 Handwriting-ABEKA

8:30 Science or History-(both ABEKA-we alternate days)

9:00 Math (Math-U-See) 9:30 Typing (games online)

10:00 1/2 hour of “schooling” her younger sister. I did this because they both wanted to do it so bad. We just use cheap Pre-School workbooks they work through.

10:30 Spelling-ABEKA

11:00 Piano practice for 1/2 hr

All this stuff in the AM, she can pretty much do independently. I am usually doing household stuff, or helping the “littles” w/ something. They both play in their rooms for an hour every morning-so I can get a shower etc.


1:00-2:30 Sonlight (History, Culture & Geography, taught through great literature!) I do this w/ her.

2:00-something fun. paint, advanced coloring books or some other fun workbook. We did a map unit, & also a listening comprehension unit at this time, too. I always have these types of books on hand from the local school supply store.

2:30-1/2 hour of free reading.

Hopefully, this helps a few of you see a "real" school day! Of course, one of the beauties of homeschooling is that we have the option of throwing out the whole day & doing something different if it ends up being a beautiful day & we want to go to the zoo.....or we have an emergency-like a last minute showing on our house, which is on the market! I'll leave you to guess which is the most frequent occurance lately! (wink)

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