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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have a NEW Love.......

Hairstyle design…..for 8 year olds. (I bolded that last part because there is NO WAY I could get this elaborate on my 3 YO!) :)

Who knew?

Ana & I have spent many delightful moments in the past few weeks at the kitchen table while I read directions, part hair & decorate it when I’m done!

I never knew this could be so fun-honestly!

I never knew there was so much out there-directions on just about ANYTHING you could want to do to your young girls’ hair!

I also had no idea she could sit still that long while I yank on her hair. (wink!)

But, I am so glad she wants to-it has given us opportunities to spend time together & *I* think it might be helping her self-image (& even though I usually don’t subscribe to too much of that kind of thinking, I want her to LIKE how she looks, know what I mean?)

Ruthie has even wanted in on the action-although doing her hair can sometimes be like wrestling an octopus!

But, we have even gotten a few cute styles I can do easily/quickly on her!

I am looking forward to many more years of this. Many fond memories are stored up in my mind of time spent with my mom around those horrific 80’s perms!

So, these pics are my “Close-Ups” for the week!

May they inspire you to pick up a comb & a few pony-tail holders & spend some quality time with your little girl!

This is my favorite so far! (Above)
We had a beautiful barrett where the black rubberband is,
but this picture was taken at the end of the day!
The side view!

I really liked this one, too, because we came up with it on our own!

Doesn't it just make you happy to look at?
Here are a few websites we found to get you started!
Princess Hairstyles
Adopt a 'Do
Girly Do Hairstyles



Will and Aileen said...

That looks like a lot of fun! That's one thing I'd love to do with a daughter if we ever have one. My son just doesn't care for having his hair done:-)

Kim & Dave said...

Well, yes, that could be a problem, I guess. ;)

As my blog readers can tell, I spend very little time on my boys hair! It's just buzzed every three weeks or so!

Tina said...

Love IT!!! I love doing Lili's hair...too much fun! I really like the last one.

Hannah said...

How fun is that? I love to check out Adopt a Do but I haven't tried anything from there yet.

I do something similar in the summer because my baby sweats like a gorilla so I have to get every piece of hair up and off her.

Lund7 said...

I'll have to check out those sites. My Greta would love me to be able to do more with her hair than just a pony tail!

Great job on the hair styles. What a wonderful time to spend with your daughter as you work on her hair!

Gardenia said...

beautiful ! no way would Flower sit long enoug to do this to her hair. I can barely get her to let me brush her hair !!

Tracy said...

Wow, those are gorgeous styles! Looks fun

Tina said...

Thanks for the links. I love doing Sara's hair too, but I am not nearly that good! Plus I have about 5 minutes tops before there begins a major melt down.

Anne said...

Love it! That looks like fun. I tried to give Grace pigtails this week and it did not work very well.

Donna said...

Coming over from FFF - Love the fun you're having with the do's! I think it's awesome. I bet all the girls at school go home and tell their mom's they want fun- do's too! ;-)

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

Love the pink bow style. Very pretty Kim....beautifully done!

Steph said...

How fun and so stinkin' adorable!

Robyn said...

How cute!

Melinda said...

Great styles!! I love doing Crista's hair but I've gotten lazy lately :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

And to answer your question, I make my headers in photoshop. Its fun (and free!) and I enjoy doing it!

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