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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Tradition.......& some good conversation......

Well, as some of you may know-I am really into traditions.

I told a lot of you in this post why I think they are so vital for kids (& for adults).

As I was looking at many other blogs around Christmas, I saw a tradition I KNEW I needed to add.

Guatemala has given me two of my most priceless gifts, & I love to acknowledge the kids’ heritage as much as possible-while remembering they are now AMERICANS!

Guatemala has some of the most colorful handwork in the world, & I just love it-can’t get enough of it.

This tradition required just one piece of handwork I didn’t have. It just broke my heart to have to spend the money-just kidding!

Also, this purchase was my first venture into E-bay.

(Yeah-I know-long overdue! No teasing me, please!)

The purchase?

A Christmas Stocking that I will fill with *little* presents from Guatemala !

Isn’t that a neat idea? If you have adopted internationally (or interracially) how do you “keep culture alive? How important is it to you?


Now, the conversation.

Ana (age 8) had a coupon for a free kid’s meal Chik-fil-A.

Last month, she was “Dancer of the Month” in ballet! (Yes, her mama is proud!)

Anyway, while we were consuming our chicken nuggets (Ana) & salad (me), Ana casually said,

“Mom, I have a problem.”

Me, now thinking, “Oh, man, where is THIS going?!”

Turns out, she wanted to talk about “friendship” problems. One friend wanted Ana to leave out another one. Ana felt left out of a threesome. A friend wanted to start a club that only girls with “A” names can be in.

I remember those days. Uggg…..

Girls are so fickle at that age-well, really until they are out of highschool, if I remember correctly.

Makes me sad, in a way, that she is already going through that.

We were able to figure out some solutions & talk about how friendships can be very challenging.

I know this is par for the course when raising girls.

But, I don’t like it.

However, I am soooo happy she feels free to talk to me about it!

I need her to KNOW that I will help her through this life-that’s my job, & it always will be-know what I mean?

I think we are well on our way. Whew!

(this post was completed in 31 minutes for Steady Mom's 30 minute challenge)


turnitupmom said...

That's a wonderful tradition that gets to the heart of respecting our differences and our heritage. Love the colorful stocking! Now for the conversation...gosh, it's so hard when you see mean things happening to children. Not to long ago, my daughter was deliberately shoved for the first time. And she was surprised and didn't know what to do, just looking back with this blank, "Why did you do that?" look. That stuff crushes me.

Kim & Dave said...

Me, too!

I am always a bit thrown by this "mean" stuff-& then I remember what it was like to be 8, almost 9.

se7en said...

Two posts in one - well done!!! I love your stocking it is so beautiful... I would have had to tragically spend some money on it too!!! Kids can be so awful to each other... I hope her "A" friend resolves her issues, so they can all continue as sweetly as before. Have a good day!!!

6riddles said...

Beautiful stocking.
My daughter is five and in kindergarten. Already she has issues with friends and who will play with who.
And I am so at a loss on how to help her along.
I remember going through those things and being so hurt. Which probably led to me having such a thick skin now.
You didn't mention the advice you gave. May I be so forward to ask what you and your daughter came up with?

Sarah said...

Beautiful stocking! What a fabulous tradition to start!

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