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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

FFF.....& I need some help!!! (well, only if you know Photoshop Elements!!)

Disclaimer: I was hugely disappointed in how this collage turned out, but I have to post it, mostly to document the clothes…….but also because I am trying to see if any of you fine photographers can help me!!!

Ana is showing signs of the impending teens (shudder).

Not so much in physical things (thank goodness)-but in emotional/maturity/spiritual growth we have seen huge strides toward being a responsible teen.

So, I am always thrilled when she still shows signs of that little girl I love!

One thing she hasn’t grown out of yet (& maybe she never will-I hope!) is that she (once in a while) likes to match her baby sister.

I found the cutest little outfits at Wal-mart the other day….. (top right)

& the other day, we got crafty & made matching shirts for all three kids-so we even have one outfit Nat matches them in. (Hopefully, he’ll forgive me one day for making him wear the same clothes as his sisters! Ha!) (top left)

But, best of all are these adorable dresses my mom MADE…….(yes, even the smocking!) Are you impressed!? I sure am!!! Thanks, Grammie-they love them & I love all the love that went into them! (bottom left)

I can’t figure out for the LIFE of me, though-WHY my pictures uploaded so blurry in PSE!?? Can ANYONE help me figure out what happened?

Sorry-I didn't follow the theme, but I will post about DADDY next week!


Hannah said...

I do okay with elements but I never do my collages in Elements because it takes too long and I stink at it :) I do mine with picnik.com it's free or you can buy a membership and have access to a little more (I did but really, not much more)super easy and cute.

Gardenia said...

very cute matching outfits, and those dresses are beautiful your mom is very talented. i know nothing nada zip about photo shop. wish I did.

vaneblu said...

I understand not following the theme, because those are to cute to not share :)

Tina said...

Cute pics! I do all my collages on Picasa...it's really simple and FREE.

BTW, I learned the quote years ago in foster care classes and have remembered it ever since. I had to look up Mayan Indian quote on parenthood to get the wording right. I love it!

Kim & Dave said...

Tina-I have wanted to use something besides Picasa-since that also eats up blogger storage space.

This way, I can post three pics, but only post one JPG file.....

But, they do turn out great w/ Picasa-you're right!

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