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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hibernation: to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormant condition

(Hibernation is the theme over at Nora's blog this week!)
Close quarters? YES!
Dormant? Not so much.

We are getting our house ready to sell.

Whew…I put that out there. I have been going to fess up here in Blogger-land for quite a while, but it takes us a LOOOOONG time to do anything. Even announce things.

We decided almost a year ago that our house was just too small & that we would like to move on to something slightly larger. We also would like to be in a different district in case we ever want to (*gasp*) put our kids in public school.

So…..with that in mind, Dave & I went (w/ our realtor) looking at houses in our neighborhood to see what our competition is like.

& decided that granite countertops in our kitchen would be a good investment. & hey, it we don’t sell right away, we get to enjoy them for a while!!!

So, here’s the BEFORE:


What do you think? Anyone sell a house recently? What do you think helped/helps sell a house?


~ Rory ~ said...

Looks great Kim! The major things that I look at whenever we've had to move are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Definitely takes it up a few notches and love the new sink too!

Steve & Paula said...

Removing all personal pictures from the wall, and things that scream your own style when its time for viewing.
Shampooed carpets are another plus.

Hannah said...

I think they look great! I want granite so much. Every time we look at getting it we end up adopting instead of upgrading the kitchen.

Hmm...maybe I should go look at upgrades. Maybe a baby would come my way instead :)

Kjbikakis said...

My parents just recently sold our house a couple of months ago. It took forever for someone to come and finally buy it. We had done a lot of remolding to the house. We added all wood floors on the main level, new carpet to the entire house, and granite counter tops. We had had white appliances but for some reason people didn't like them so we ended up buying some somewhat cheap stainless steal appliances. We also had a house person come over (idk what she's called) and she told us how to make the rooms appealing. She said everything, and she ment EVERYTHING had to come off the walls. No pictures of us kids, no crucifixes, no nothing. She also told us that putting everything in containers made things seem "bigger" so literally everything went into to Tupperware containers. Closet toys, odds and ends, stuffs on shelves on in containers. Extra shampoo, conditioner, soap, ect, in containers.
I hopped this helped a little bit! If you want to ask more questions i'd be happy to answer (:

nora said...

Looks awesome! That removal of clutter helped us. For us, we also contracted with a realtor that was a top seller in our area - she connected our house with potential buyers, rather than waiting for another realtor to do so.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! We should chat about the GF stuff sometime - I have been GF for 30 years (celiac.)

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Kim! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you get to enjoy your countertops before you move to a new house!
If you are moving anyway, go ahead and box up and move out stuff you won't need. Get rid of ALL clutter and any extra furniture. Ask someone else to come in and give you an honest opinion. Make sure the house is ridiculously clean, bright, open, and that it smells good!

Learning Together at Home said...

Wow! Such a difference! Oust the extras (even things you want to keep) like the others haev said. I know a number of people who have even rented a stoage locker for a month and by the end of the month they had recouped their money because their house sold faster and therefore they got their asking price. Something to consider. Hope you find an amzing new home for your family!

Laurie said...

That looks great! Kitchens and baths always sell houses! Good luck!

Andrea said...

soooo beautiful!! good job!!


Melinda said...

The granite really warms up the space. I really love the look! Hoping this will attract a potential buyer for you!

Jenn said...

love it! :) Looks great, would make me want to buy it and I haven't even seen the rest of the house yet! That's the thing, make the woman notice the kitchen 1st, then the rest won't matter as much! I agree with the rest re: updated kitchen/bathrooms (appliances/plumbing really help!) neutral paint colors, no clutter! Good luck! I know a great realtor if you need one...

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