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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

01-09-09......the day my perspective changed.

2 years ago today, (1-9-09), God literally saved our lives.

Some of us could have died that day.

You might remember that was the day I T-boned an SUV that ran a red light. I was driving about 55 MPH & I never saw him.

BUT….had the timing been milliseconds different, WE would have been T-boned-right where Natty was sitting.

Thank the Lord, the kids were all fine except for Ruth biting her tongue & Natty chipping a tooth. Ana also was pretty sore from her seatbelt.

I, being the driver, of course, tangled w/ the airbag & did get a pretty severe burn on my wrist from it. I had the wind knocked out of me. Ana had to call 911, & at age 7, was able to tell the operator where we were located.

The small scar you see in the above picture is something I’m thankful for. At first, I tried to minimize the scar……then I decided to use it as a daily reminder of God’s grace. Each time I look at it, I am reminded that:
1. God chose to spare our lives.
2. He also spared us major injury.
3. He DAILY protects us-not just then!
4. I am reminded that each moment is a gift-& we have no guarantee we will live to see tomorrow.

Now, to be totally honest, there are a few other lingering effects as well. I still don’t like that intersection (& God must have a sense of humor, since I have to drive through it more than twice a week! Ha!) I especially avoid flying through it at 55 MPH, & I really feel claustrophobic driving in the right lane through it. I also notice that I still naturally grip the steering wheel w/ two hands as I approach it & drive through!

I also am still jumpy on the highway when there’s lots of traffic & someone else is driving (in other words-someone who’s driving I can’t control).

Thankfully, the kids have returned to normal-but it took a while. Ruth cried/fussed in the car for months before she got over it. Ana kept all her fears inside-bottled up to deal w/ on her own. Poor girl. I week or so later, we started having daily times of drawing pictures of the accident & writing out her feelings about it. That helped-she cried many tears then & got many emotions out in the open.

All in all, we have much to be thankful for…..& we are doing much better.
But, in our house, the date 01-09-09 shall “live in infamy.”


Jules said...

I don't like that you have a date like that to "live in infamy" at your house.

I'm so thankful that you were spared more injury and thankful the kids are through their emotions of it, too. ((hugs))

Steve & Paula said...

I'm with you on the whole, jumpy thing while driving now.
Hitting a huge moose, head on at 50 miles per hour is terrifying.
We are thankful that we did not have time to react, so we did not tense up at all.

Kim & Dave said...

Paula-I am do thankful I barely had time to react.....a split second nore than you, perhaps. That way, I didn't have to wonder if I could have done anything different. Also, I know that GOD alone spared us!

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