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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ok, Forgive me if You Already Saw This on FB, BUT...

What would you do w/ this window if you were trying to sell your house? This one has puzzled me since we moved in...
I'll let you know what I decide after I get some more imput!


Anonymous said...

I thought the advice you got on FB was perfect! I agreed w/ both Tara and Shawna and thought their ideas were great!

Steve & Paula said...

Not a clue!
All I know is, those crazy non matching angles mess with my head when I look at that picture.
The upper window should never have been part of the design.

Kim & Dave said...

Isn't that the craziest thing, Paula? I does let in a lot of light, though, so I like it for that reason.

Esther-I liked the ideas-but I wasn't sure I should go w/ white curtains. Not enough contrast.

Anonymous said...

...just note that they said "sheers" not curtains or panels... You aren't redecorating to live there, but to sell, so it doesn't have to be your favorite thing as long as your house is bright, clean, and neutral! When we were going to sell, I knew our living room would look much better w/brown panels, but I didn't want to invest the $, so I bought two cheap swags that were super long and hung them as panels. They looked great if you didn't look too close and people liked them. He! He!

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

Don't know what ideas you received on FB but I would get rid of those mini blinds for starters. Those mini's just don't go with the upper window (which doesn't go with the ceiling angle for beans, what was the designer of the house thinking???)
If I am remembering right from the only time we've been in your house, this window is in your upper level living room, right?
Probably by now you've got it figured. And with selling it your not going to want to put much money in to it. Because that window is in the corner of the room first thought that comes to my mind is to remove the blind and put up a curtain rod / then do one of these types of curtains on it. Scarf Valance style that drapes from just one side - it can actually go all the way to the floor even with a short window. Or...Scarf valance draped from both sides to apron edge of window. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/using-curtains-and-draperies-in-your-home-decor.html scroll down to line drawings of window lengths. Or Scarf valance with a second rod underside for curtains you draw shut when needed.
With that upper window I'm thinking and this is just me...scarf style is what would set the whole window corner off nicely.

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

Kim - here's a new idea and probably on the cheap side and neutral. http://beautyandbedlam.com/drop-cloth-curtains/. This @ least will give other readers ideas for fun window treatments.

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