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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whew....That's a RELIEF!!!

I am back from Ana's "Teacher-Teacher" conference.

The teacher's exact words were, "Ana is a delight to have in my class!"

I am soooo proud of her!!!

(Of course, I *thought* that the teacher would say something like that. But, a mom is always PROUD when an outside observer thinks the same thing!)

I am so thankful to have someone else's imput on places Ana needs improvement. I did find out that: her handwriting needs work......& she needs to practice more grammar skills-& this is good to know.

What she said next, though, made me super proud! Ana is reading & spelling a grade above where she should be & is advancing even since school started a month ago!!!! Woot!!! Woo!!!!

And, the teacher said she is obedient & kind to everyone in the class!

OK......now, for a little glimpse into a homeschooling mom's mind. It is such a relief to have some confirmation that you are a GOOD teacher. I mean, how often is it that you as a mom get ANY feedback about your kids. This conference not only boosted ANA'S self-esteem......but, (shhhhhh-don't tell anyone I needed this) truth be told, it didn't hurt MINE either!!!


But, her conference going well was not the RELIEF I was REALLY refering to in my title!

I felt MORE relief at having made it through my intersection (see previous post). I noticed myself slowing down as I approached it in the snow & really checking for people who *might* be running a red light. I noticed AFTER I had made it through that I had been GRIPPING the steering wheel, & that I had been breathing very fast. But, I made it through!!!! Yippee!!!!

P.S. Did you catch I have a sweet kiddo who is also VERY SMART!?!?


Brad said...

Maybe we should have her find the six spelling errors in your post.

Sorry; I mean "typing" errors, of course.

Kim & Dave said...

Of course they were typos, Brad!!! ;)

Dea said...

OH thats wonderful! Great job to Ana and you! I am very glad things worked out so well =]

Andrea said...

Kim - oh wow can I relate to your "driving through the intersection" moment.

Jenni, one of my blog friends, was also in a horrendous traffic accident.

She deals with much anxiety and PTSD.

But her motto now is "DO IT AFRAID"

It really applies to these kind of stuff doesn't if?!

Good Job Friend...and give Miss Ana a hug and high five from her friends in Indiana...

and to you I give you a 'two thumbs up' for your teaching prowess!!!


Kim & Dave said...

What a great motto, Andrea! I think what made today harder waws the weather was so much like the day of our accident. I drive through the intersection a few times a week, now, because of the charter school we put Ana in part-time, & it doesn't bother me too much anymore-under normal circumstances. It some wsys, I think it is kind of the Lord to force me through it consistantly, KWIM?

But, today was hard.....with the weather & all!

Pineapple Princess said...

Congratulations on all your hard work! Above grade level is such an accomplishment! :)

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