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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warning-Some *perhaps* Embarrassing Discussion Ahead!!!

Let me preface this blog post by saying:
We have a special INDIVIDUAL love for each of our kiddos.

They each have their own ways of stealing themselves right into our hearts-
the moment we found out about them!

However, they did join the family in different ways,
as I have shared with you before.

(& I’m sure that’s pretty obvious, even if you are one of my new blog readers, since Ana looks dead-on both her parents & our other two look, well, slightly darker, shall we say!
& a beautiful darker, too!)

Anyway…..for the last few months, it has begun to dawn on us that there was something missing from Ana’s Story, when we compared it to Ruth & Natty’s.

You see, since bringing the babies home, we have celebrated their BIRTHDAYS & their “GOTCHA DAYS.”

You see where I am going with this, don’t you?

Ana has only had ONE special day.

& we began to wonder if she needed another special day, too.

Our “Gotcha Days” for the babies have been celebrated on the days we took final custody of them, but we didn’t know how to celebrate for Ana.

(Conception Day? JUST KIDDING!!!! Imagine her trying to explain THAT to her friends one day! Or for that matter, me trying to explain it to any of MY friends……ok, blushing here!!! Ha!)

But, this was not an issue we were really prepared for, & there is very little out there to inform parents how to blend birth children & adopted children-& what kind of emotions the BIRTH children might go through. I share this so that those of you out there who might be considering adopting, will be a bit better informed about potential issues when you do!

Someone needs to write a book some day about birth children with adopted siblings-maybe Ana should! (As you have seen before, she loves to write!)

When we talked some with her, it became apparent that she DID need a celebration of some kind, & yesterday, we finally had a chance to celebrate her “Gotcha Day”-the day we found out Ana was on the way!!!

(& no-yesterday was not that date, but it WAS the day we were finally able to celebrate it, though!)

She had wanted to drive up Pike’s Peak,
but the road was closed at the top &
it was about 10 degrees & blowing snow in drifts of 5 feet!

So, instead, she chose to go to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings-
not as impressive as Mesa Verde-but she still loved it!
Then, we had a late lunch at The Loop in Manitou Springs.
We left the “littles” with Tía (aunt) Shannon, & spent the day with Ana.

She blossomed with all that attention.
It was WONDERFUL to see!!!

She was soooo happy to have her mommy & daddy all to herself.

& while we knew she needed a day like yesterday,
I think we both we a bit unprepared for just how much she benefited from it!

& you know, it was nice to be with just Ana & enjoy her company!

But, we all agreed by the end of the day-it just wasn’t the same with out Ruth & Nat-
Love doesn’t divide with more children-I guess it multiplies!!!


Anna said...

What a great thing to do and so special for Ana to have that time with her parents.

Love all the photos too.


Tina said...

That's great! Glad Ana got some one on one time. We are actually going to start that here. Once a month will be a Toby Day and a Lili Day where they get that special time with us without having to vie with the other child for our attention.

Kim & Dave said...

Good idea, Tina!!!

Jaimee said...

That is so special, you are a wonderful Mama!! I'll have to give this some thought with 2 bio boys and my adopted daughter. I love celebrating, so this would be a great opportunity!

Gardenia said...

that was an excellent idea to establish a gotcha day for Ana. and how wonderful that you and she were able to figure out a gotcha day was needed so early in Ana's life. yes, she is still young. what a lovely field trip kind of day you had.

Anonymous said...

How sweet to spend a special day out with just mom & dad. :) A great break for all of you. Wonderful pictures - great backgrounds!!

Theresa in WV said...

You can see the blossom in her eyes!

Dea said...

Aw, how wonderful! What a great idea, i can certainly tell she had bunches of fun!

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