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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

JUST DO IT! (take a trip with your family, that is!)

Something I have wanted to blog about for a while……

No, it’s nothing earth shattering……or even life-changing.

But, I hope it might encourage someone out there in Bloggerland to just take a trip with their family.
Family Road Trip

I love to travel. And having three kids hasn’t changed that.

(It would be better if someone else would do the packing & un-packing.
Hey! A girl can dream, can’t she????)

So far, with three kids we have gone on three trips
(if you count travel home from Guatemala-& I sure do!).

But, I really enjoy driving more than flying,
except for the fact that you can arrive at your destination so much faster.

I think I like driving cause I can take ALL OUR STUFF. (My wonderful hubby who packs it all can attest that I take a LOT of STUFF. But, at least I don’t still take the baby swing with us to camp, Dave. Or the refrigerator. I’m not kidding. The office size one went with us on a trip once.)

Here are a few of my tips for family travel:

~All the kids have their own stash of toys,
& I keep a few new cheap little things I have picked up to surprise them-
one for each day.

~Last time we went on a trip, I had a small bag we called “crayon/marker prison.” No one was allowed to open “crayon/marker prison” with out permission. Only 5 crayons & two markers were allowed out at a time, & all had to be turned in to be allowed any more. Ahhh….I think I only found two crayons on the floor of the van at the end of the trip!!! Amazing, huh?!?!?

~We still try to stick to a nap schedule in the van,
but we quickly discovered Ruth doesn’t sleep when she can see out the window.
Just like we did for Ana, we had to start making her a “tent” to sleep in.

~Spend 15 minutes a day organizing/cleaning-even if you have been in vehicle all day.

Then, you won’t be disappointed!
My definition of a “fun” week at camp was:
everyone slept through the night, & no one was sick!

“Camping” for a week with kids.
(I was going to show you a bunch of pics,
but much to my dissapointment,
I can't find them on any of the chips I can locate right now.)

“Camping” is in quotes because tent camping is really a MUCH DIFFERENT experience than what we just finished with. Ha! Ha!! We did that last summer with two kids. I think we will wait to do it again until the babies are about 5 years older than they are right now! Just kidding! We’ll probably try again next summer, so stay tuned!

What are your best travel tips???


Tina said...

I agree with the tent (thanks for the great idea, it worked great on this trip) and the new toys. It makes life much easier. I would also say don't drive like your trying to beat to the estimating traveling time, instead enjoy the drive as part of the vacation. Stop and unwind, let the kids play, enjoy little side trips and make the most out of your travel day. Oh and the thing I could not live without....my laptop and not for me....I use it as a DVD player to keep the kiddos entertained since they are too little to do all the car games I know.

Stacey and Dewey said...

I compleatly agree!! I love road trips!! The best memory I have of childhood is a three month road trip my mom took us on one summer. We started in South Calif and drove all the way around the USA. We didnt take freeways and camped 95% of the way. My mom was a single mom and there was three of us 12, 9, & 6. I still wonder how she did it. I would not trade those memories for anything.
Have a great week!

Jacqueline said...

Love your thoughts on traveling. I have to agree that, to my surprise, I enjoy driving as well. One thing my children enjoy is car bingo. Make up bingo cards or Google car bingo cards to print with pictures of things you might see along the way, then print off lots so you can throw the used ones away. Purchase dot stickers from the office store, and when a child sees something on the trip they can put a dot on that spot. The first one to BINGO gets some prize or privilege. Fun!

Kim & Dave said...

Oh, Tina, good point! It is ESSENTIAL to caom down & try to take your time arriving at your destination. And I forgot to mention that the kids always watch one LONG movie a day!

Wow, Stacey! Your mom must be one special lady! What neat memories!

I didn't know Google had something like that. We will use that next time, I'm sure!!!

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