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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ooops!!! What was that tooth fairy thinking?!?!?

Big happenings in the Dillon household!

FINALLY, a year & a half after loosing her first two teeth, Ana lost her third tooth.

(For those who don’t know-she cried tears of joy with the first two she lost.
Oh, my…..what lies ahead in those teenage years, I ask you????Teary)

Just as a little history lesson, she lost her first tooth in the pew at church.

Second tooth on our pick-up trip with Ruthie.

Anyway…..the top two have been loose for several weeks, & we thought she might loose one of them on this trip we just got back from. We were teasing her about whether or not the tooth fairy would know where to find her!

(Just as an aside……I don’t think she REALLY believes there is a tooth fairy, because she has always known the truth about Santa. She was scared of Santa, until she was , I think about 4. So, we just had to tell her the truth. A strange man would never come down her chimney. NEVER. That was the only thing that worked.)

So finally, yesterday afternoon, I felt a tapping on my leg-while I was supposed to be sleeping, & opened my eyes, to the delighted smile of my oldest, clutching her latest accomplishment-her pulled tooth!
Missing Teeth

(Oh, as another aside-thank the Lord-I
mean that literally-I have never had to pull a tooth.
Ugg….shudder! You go, girl!!!!)

A few hours later, she was asleep, tooth under her pillows.

And the tooth fairy forgot about it!!!! Guilt!

Her crushed face this morning. & her statement,
“Mom, the tooth is gone, but there was no money under my pillow!!!!
I’m going to the bathroom!”

My response, “Well, why don’t I run down there
& check a bit better for the money while you’re in the bathroom.”


Grab wallet!

Run downstairs!

Put two quarters in the pillowslip.

Find missing tooth-under the bed.

Then , rescue Ruthie from her bed.

Casually, state, “Ana, I found it! It was all the way down in the bottom of your pillowslip!”

Ah, the look of delight!!! “You did?!?” Digging in the pillowslip came up with 50 cents!!

Now, I ask you, has your tooth fairy ever forgotten? What a naughty tooth fairy!!!


Tina said...

Congrats Ana!

Joyce said...

I don't do loose teeth either!! Pretty much ranks #2 in worst parenting job. #1... vomiting. :)

Congrats to Ana for pulling it herself!!

Jeanna Williams said...

Never forgot....but Dawn Renee caught me once...and I had to come up with a story about how I was helping the tooth fairy....because she was traumatized by losing her teeth and my stories of the tooth fairy and her beautiful dress were the only thing that calmed her! I think she bought the story....
Ana...you're a beautiful young lady!

Kim & Dave said...

Oh, that made us lol!!!

Stacey and Dewey said...

What a perfect smile Ana!!! CONGRATS!!
I'm a few years from the tooth fairy, but I can promise you that with the way my memory is there is just no way I won't forget a time or two. (thanks for the tip on how to handle it :)
Happy Monday!

Anna said...

Good on you Kim for quick thinking there and saving the day!!!

Haven't got to that stage yet...still recovering from the 'teething' stage!

And great work Ana for another tooth out!


Luke said...

Ah, the beauty of parenting! Great story!


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