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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Let's relax & watch a bit of TV together!"


Nobody ever told me that raising two babies so close in age could be so crazy!

At the moment,
I am sitting on the couch while Ruth sobs,
“I need ice, mama!”

(yes……I’m going right now!!!!
Excuse me just a moment!
She really isn’t hurt too bad-I promise!
Just 2 year old drama!)

Natty is running around screaming at the TV-
“Ba!” which could mean “Bottle” or “ball”
In this case-“ball,” since our family loves March Madness!
NCAA Tournament

He also keeps screaming,
Yes, his new favorite word.
Can mean “Yes,” or “No,” but once again,
you have to have context.

Ruth & he have a dolly stroller & a little “push/ride-on car”
they love to bang into walls & doors in our family room.
So, there is also intermittent banging.

Ana (while she’s not here at the moment-gone with Daddy)
is usually either watching games with the adults
(& actually absorbing a lot of rules of college BBall)
or up trying to dribble a ball & ask us if she’s traveling with the ball!

Oh….Ruth just started flipping off the couch backwards
& landing on her head up-side down on the floor.
Yeah-she loves it!
Earlier, I told you she wasn’t hurt too badly!!!

Natty & she just climbed up on the couch to look at books.
Lasted 30 seconds.
Ha!!! Ha!!!

This is how TV times at our house usually go!!!!


Anna said...

Ahh yes I can relate to some of that craziness Kim!!! Life is certainly never dull is it with little ones??

You have to say they have lots of character don't you...and we wouldn't really want it any other way:)

BUT...some more energy for us Mums to keep up some days wouldn't go astray would it...LOL!!


Tina said...

Oh don't I know how difficult it is to have two so close in age sometimes...then other times reminds me why they are so blest to be so close in age. I take away so many toys it's not funny cause they can't/won't take turns. Good times and all the joys of motherhood. Glad Ana is enjoying and learning from the bball games.

Luke said...

Love it [smile]. May you continue to find joy in this craziness!


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