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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Fessing Up Friday"

Fessing up that our back yard is a MESS.

I can partly blame the DRY weather in CO.
(Is the double rainbow a sign of the HOPE for the future of our back yard!?!?)
I can partly blame the odd shape of our yard.
Here I drew a rough sketch for you:

But, mostly I blame the lack of vision for our back yard.

You know what I mean?
I just have no idea where to go with it!

Please share all your ideas with me!
We need all the help we can get, so these cuties &
their (not so cute) parents can use this BIG (for CO) back yard.

Help us spend our tax return, people!!!


One other thing: I am starting a new blog post that I am calling:"Help for the Home" Harvest of Ideas

Hoping to post every Saturday, & if you have good ideas to help your home run smoother, leave me a comment & I'll link your blog!


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Terri said...

Gosh, I'm no help what so ever! I always need the same kind of help! I would just try and go low maintenance!

Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

Anna said...

You need the 'Backyard Blitz' team to come and overhaul your yard...its a TV show here in Oz and they do an amazing job at making over people's backgardens and transforming them.

Depends how into gardening you are whether you wanted to create garden beds, or plant trees etc. Sorry I am not very creative with these things. Maybe you need to enlist a landscape gardener to come and design something for you??? Sounds like you could do lots of things as you have the space.
Let us know how you go.

Take care,

Melinda said...

The double rainbow is awesome!! And your little ones all smiley on the blanket is precious! Now, the backyard...there are 3 things we have to have in a backyard. A swingset (looks like you have it), a sand box, and trees/flowers. I don't envy you, I'm terrible at designing! Good luck deciding!


The Foster Home said...

I LOVE the double rainbow!! I have never seen that before. The picture of the kids is adorable.

Hannah said...

The swingset looks like it is in good shape so how about a play house and a nice patio with a fire pit and grill. You could entertain and "camp" out.

Good luck!

vaneblu said...

I love the last pic :)
looking forward to reading your new posts, if something comes to mind I will share :)

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