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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

When Did She Start Acting All Grown Up?

Ok……I know she had a b-day & all,
but there seem to be many other signs she’s growing up.

(And, in the words of my dear hubby,
“Who authorized that?”
He kept telling her we were going to make her have a “Backwards Birthday” this year
-turn 6 instead of 8.
Can’t you just hear her response????
“Daaaaddy!!!” )

~She & her friend Axxxxx actually slept at their slumber party!
~She included Ruthie in just about every activity that night (graciously!)
~She was thankful for her presents-even the more boring ones.
~She did not become hysterical when we had to postpone her big party with her friends-
due to a blizzard!
~She also accepted being sick on her birthday with only a few tears of disappointment!
~She sang in the Easter Cantata at church Sunday night-
& stood still & acted mature up there-for about 45 minutes!

I know, I know……you’re probably all thinking,
“Growing up-isn’t that what all kids are supposed to do?”

But, still, doesn’t it almost take your breath away when it’s YOUR BABY that shows these signs of maturity?!?
Especially when they all seem to happen at once!!!

Now, I have no illusions that she will be the picture of “8 going on 20” from here on out,
but I am SOOOO pleased &
proud of the young lady she’s becoming!
Happy 8th Birthday,
Sweet Ana Joye!!!!
Thanks for being such a JOY to all around you!!!
Love you so much,
my FIRST baby!!!


Lund7 said...

Happy Birthday Ana! What a beautiful girl you are!

vaneblu said...

Happy late b-day Ana!! She is such a beautiful young girl :) and dont worry she will always be your baby ;) ask my mom :p

Anna said...

Happy Birthday to Ana..sorry this comment is so late after the event!

Looks like she had a great time and she is growing up...it must be so exciting to see her maturing and growing up into such a beautiful young lady.

Take care,

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