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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Debating with Myself Over This……

Should we vaccinate for this H1N1 thing or not?

I am usually all for any vaccine my kids would benefit from, but this one……I don’t know.

Maybe I am just not comfortable with the lack of testing that has been done on it.

Maybe I’m just uncomfortable with how much “hype” has been surrounding the push to get everyone vaccinated. I mean, really, is it any worse than the “normal” flu that rears it’s head every fall/winter? So far, it has killed way less people than the “normal” flu. So why all the hoopla?

What do you think?

(& be nice!! I know a debate on vaccines can get rather heated! I reserve the right reject comments!)

(Hitting “Publish Post” with some trepidation)


Lund7 said...

I'm with you! I am very nervous about getting this vaccine for my children too. The fact that it's not even available in our area right now makes the decision easy for the moment! If our kids have no ongoing health issues, I guess I feel that it's better to just skip it! There just hasn't been that much testing of it. It's too controversial for me!

jmquilts said...

We are not getting it. None of us are in the at-risk category. I got the homeopathic tablets someone mentioned on SL to fight it. Plus we have Virus Killing Soup in the freezer. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Ok....two in my camp. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Dea said...

i also agree with you! Its crazy how worried people are when the regular flu is worse! lol

Tina said...

I'm not worried about the testing, it's made just like the normal flu shot that's given every year so that doesn't bother me. But we don't even get the regular flu shot. The kids and me go to Walmart, the library, and my parents house. It's rare we go anyplace else that the virus would breed. (When we got it last year it was because I was stupid enough to go to Chuckie Cheese in the height of flu season.) If my kids were in school or daycare it would be a different story. I wouldn't hesitate, but since we stay at home most of the time I don't feel it's necessary to expose them to another shot. And there's my two cents. :)

Anonymous said...

Olivia and I got it. We're still kickin'!

Lori said...

I am with you!! My mother is about to drive me crazy about getting my kids vaccinated. Our pediatrician is all for it, but the thing that bothers me is that where we go to the doctor, there are about 30 physicians in all and probably about 4 pediatricians and they are not all on the same page. Some say definitely vaccinate and others say no, they won't vaccinate their patients or their families.

Steve and Paula said...

Just read through the real ingredient list of any vaccine.
They are not only full of toxins ( many of them cancer causing and some of them sterilizers), they violate the food laws set up in the OT.
Even though we do not abide by the food laws, its still bears thinking about.

The US vaccinates like no other country in this world, and we have the highest rates of cancer, infertility and autoimmune diseases, never mind the spectrum debate.
But, we are expected to be ok with this, because we have "erradicated(sp?) childhood "disease".

God created our bodies to build immunity in early childhood.
Anytime we create an artificial immune response, we have not only stepped out of bounds, we have weakened the childs true immune system.

I guess it boils down to the fact that its the longterm damage that happens, that we as whole do not associate with vaccines, that we should be looking at.
Never mind that fact that the makers have fuill immunity to any reprecussions.
That in itself should be troubling.

Laurel said...

Great comments so far. I'll just throw in that we're not getting it. We don't vaccinate in general, so the decision on whether to vax for a flu that has, in general, proven to be less severe than the "normal" flu wasn't a big decision.

Joe and Tara said...

My pediatrician actually recommended that my kids don't get it -- like you said -- it was just made so quickly. However, since I'm a teacher and work around lots of sniffing, coughing, kids, she recommended that I do get it (if and when it becomes widely available.)

My chiropractor said that all of the kids (<18 yrs old) that have died were Vitamin D deficient. So, I bought some vitamin D supplements for kids/babies. Probiotics are also a good thing to take anyways!

Just my two cents -- glad I'm not the only going this way! Tara

Brad said...

It'd be an easy answer if Ana were either full-time homeschooled or full-time public-schooled; you can control your environment, but not the school's.

I'll take the easy way out and say to raise your children as you see fit -- but as for me and my house, we'd take the vaccine.

Hannah said...

We didn't get it. My pediatrician pushed really hard because of Dmitry's heart condition but to be honest I just did not feel comfortable. To be really, really honest...I don't feel comfortable NOT getting either. I feel like it is a no win situation. Since Sophia is no longer in preschool and Dmitry is homeschooled I decided to skip it. We do get the regular flu shot every year but I just had a bad gut feeling about this one.

Kim & Dave said...

Everyone....thank you so much for all your imput in this one. I still don't feel comfortable with either decision, but according to one of my friends-it's not even available here locally yet, so that answers my question for now, at least.

Joy Williams said...

A friend of ours is a pediatrician and we called to ask her opinion about this a few weeks ago. She didnt seem concerned with the vaccine, said it would have been included with the regular flu vaccine but there wasnt enough time to incorporate it. At the same time, she said the people being affected the worst by H1N1(hospitalized/death) are in their 20s-30s, not healthy young children. Her overall recommendation was that Mike and I get it and pass on it for the kids.

Kim & Dave said...

Interesting, Joy.....that sounds reasonable, I guess.

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