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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Got a Bee in my Bonnet……

I want to move.

No, not out of town.

Love our church & friends & family we have all around us…..& Dave has a great job he loves.

(now, I know I should be content-& honestly, I am, but……well, just look at my list & see if you don’t think a move might make sense?)

But, here’s a short list of the reasons I want to move-

~We have no school room, & this homeshooling mama is going to have ANOTHER STUDENT in 2 SHORT years!!! What then? Dave & I have looked around & realized there is NO other spot for Ruth’s desk.

~Our only dining area can fit 6 people comfortably. We are a family of five-so, I guess if you want to come over with your spouse, you might just be out of luck-ha! & heaven forbid you have any kids-because we have NO WHERE for them! Since we love company, this is rather cramping my style-literally!

~We have no where guests can stay with any privacy-only a hide-a-bed in our family room, which is open to the kitchen. We used to have a guest room, but then we added two kids to the family! :)

~Ana (8) & Ruth (3) are currently sharing a room. Which is fine for now……but their age difference is so huge, that it might not always work.

~One final issue is that guests have no bathroom-one that my kids can stay out of!!! We have two-& don’t get me wrong-I am super grateful for them-especially the Master Bath-but I would like to have one I don’t have to worry about guests using. Toothpaste goobers in the sink, water splatters scattered all over the mirror, & who knows what with the toilet & sink! I know you all know just what I mean!

Anyway, what do you think? Am I “justified?”

I am, however, a bit overwhelmed with the idea of moving.

Any pros at moving out there? We have owned/lived in this house for 8 years, & I don’t have a clue where to start! Any advise?

(I guess I have completed 2 international adoptions-this can't be much harder, can it? Ha! Maybe I'm delusional!)

This post is part of Steady Mom’s 30 minute challenge-& I came in at about 28 minutes!


Anna said...

I would feel the same way Kim if I was in your shoes I'm sure...I think you're justified...I really dislike moving but at the same time if its to something bigger and better it makes all the hard work very worthwhile.

We got packers in last time we moved which made it so much easier than trying to do it ourselves with little kids in tow wanting to 'help':)

I love looking at real estate...shame I don't live near you as would've loved to help you find a new house.

Take care,


Lillian @ Domestic Simplicity said...

I would definitely be feeling the same way. We moved into our current house knowing that we cannot stay in it forever. It will be a seriously tight squeeze if we decide to add any more kids to the bunch - we only have two bedrooms and one bathroom, so putting three in one bedroom might be stretching it a bit! We also had friends stay with us this weekend and it was fine, of course, but it would have been nice to have more than just one bathroom and for them to not have to stay on air mattresses in the basement! Ah, well - the grass is always greener, right? I'm still so glad just to have our little house that we love so much and a roof over our heads that we can afford at this point in our lives:) Good luck as you start thinking about house hunting - it definitely sounds like you at least need a different layout, especially with the dining situation and the need for more homeschooling space!

6riddles said...

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vriddle07 said...

I feel what you're saying. And if you have the resources, do it!
Moving has it's pros and cons but you could go over them forever! What does your family say?

Good luck with the decision:)

Laurel said...

I should preface my comment with a clarification that I'm not trying to talk you out of thinking about moving. If that's what the Lord leads you to, that would be great. But I do have some ideas that might make your current situation more workable for as long as the Lord has you there.

School - The kitchen/dining room table is a great school tool. We do have a couple desks scattered through the house, but most of the "desk" work our six schoolers do is done at the table. A bookshelf to hold school stuff might could stand where a desk is currently, if needed.

Dining Company - are your dining room and living room close enough together (and Ana able enough to keep an eye on the littles) that the grown ups could eat in the living room and the children at the table? Less than ideal, but it works for us (9 Smiths, a table that can hold 10 max, and friends with families up to 12 people). Opening your home and your heart is far more important than ideal conditions!

Overnight guests - Is it possible for you and Dave to sleep on the hide-a-bed and make your room the guest room for company? I know Dave is a tall guy, so I don't know if that's feasible, but it would take care of the guest room and bathroom challenges if it would work.

Room Sharing - I know some folks think we're crazy, but we have 4 boys (ages 2 -13) in one bedroom and 3 girls (ages 6-11) in another. Honestly, I think it is very good for all of them. I realize that Davey, especially, might be wishing soon that he had more space of his "own," but I think there is much to be gained from room sharing with siblings.

Anway, I repeat that I'm not trying to talk you out of moving, but trying to give some ideas as to how to make what you have workable as long as you're supposed to be there. Sometimes it's helpful to have someone with another perspective say, "Hey, what if you did....?" And if my suggestions are unworkable or seem like I'm putting my nose where it doesn't belong, feel free to toss it. :-)

Praying for wisdom for you both!

Leigh said...

If you have the patience for it, go for it./

Personally I hate moving and even though this house isn't perfect and we could use more space (esp with the twins' arrival) I'm holding out as long as possible.

Moving is far too stressful for me so I made my husband promise only ever 7 years (don't know where I plucked 7 from) - 3 years to go :)

J said...

I would definitely feel the same way. If you can afford it financially, buying another house sounds like a great option for you guys. We bought our house before starting the adoption process, intending to have room to grow--and I'm so happy! We're still waiting for our new kiddos, but it will not be difficult to fit them in when they come. Praying for you... moving can be so frustrating!

~Jess from SL

Kim & Dave said...

Laurel-thanks for all the great ideas!

REally, I have no problems with Ana & Ruth sharing a room for all of their life.....but some ability to be flexible is something I would like.

& the dining room/living room/family room situation is broken up pretty badly. Also, all those rooms are pretty small. We have set the kids in the dining area, while the adults sat in the family room, but it is still very croweded-& very hard to supervise-because it is split level.

We end up doing a lot of the schooling at the table as well, but I have to face the fact that school stuff stored there frustrates me.

Also, when we have family in town, there are BIG groups that need places to sleep/stay, & it is very hard to find space for everyone.

I sure liked all your ideas-& we are not decided for sure that we are ready to move. If we do-great! If not, I will most likely be coming back to this post & stealing some of your good ideas!

(& you are right-the hide-a-bed doesn't work well for Dave at all.)

se7en said...

I know about that particular Bee in the Bonnet, there are days when I would love a bigger space or a few more rooms!!! Ten of us in a two bed-roomed home and a lounge and a kitchen... And then I remember that I just keep up with the housework - anything bigger would be more than I could cope with - I certainly don't have time to clean another bathroom!!! Not to mention that most families in the world or at least Africa, where we live, live in a one roomed home. Just these thoughts keep me going and hanging on with our squash and a squeeze.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

May God reveal the right answer to you and give you peace with the decision!

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