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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, November 2, 2009

See If You Can Guess!!!

(Ok-confession-I hate guessing games-but it *is* more fun when I am on this end of things-so, humor me & play along, PLEASE!!?)


Spur of the moment last week, I loaded up kids & headed a bit north for some fun.
(for those who don’t know-I live in Colorado Springs-this was about 10 miles north of me or so…..)

The kids enjoyed our time “up north.” Natty fell a bunch.

Ruth did some face plants (& loved it!)

Ana got very red in the face-& kept at it anyway.

I, however, suffered an indignity no woman should have to suffer for this “Fun time!”

I broke a nail.

Yes, I really did!

What do you think we did???


Dave & are beginning contemplating a change…….what do you think it might be?!?

After a few days of guessing, I'll let you know!


Anna said...

Skiing???? Am I right???:)

And would that change involve moving up that way???

From a curious friend:)

Anonymous said...

I won't guess your activity since I have you on FB, but I'll go with the change... IN FAMILY SIZE! :)

jenica said...

I'm trying to think what is 10 min. N of you...ice skating? But I can't imagine Natty on ice skates yet. A trampoline?

Sorry about your nail. I bet that was hard since your's always look so perfect. =)

I bet you're thinking about moving to a new house?!

I'm anxious to hear the answer!
Miss you friend.

Marlene said...

I think it's hiking! I hope I am right. Have a great day and BTW. I love guessing games!

Steve and Paula said...

I heard how much snow fell in your area.
We have only had a dusting so far. But it is bitterly cold as well.
Back to the weather of the 80s in Alaska!

Not even going to try and guess that other one.

Brad said...

I'm going to sidestep the popular answer, and guess that you might soon be househunting.

Sarah said...

1) sledding/tubing
2) Getting a dog!

You guys have so much fun!

Rhonda said...

Getting a dog?????? House???

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