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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, November 23, 2009

So, How Crazy Do You Think This Is??!?

Using this book........

........this morning, I am digging in & making 2 weeks worth of food.

I shopped for it all (& all the Thanksgiving food) on Saturday.

This book, "Once-A-Month Cooking," has several different menu plans available, & I have done this once before-but with a different menu.

It comes complete with step by step instructions & shopping lists for each menu.

I will let you know how it goes cooking for this-& then moving straight into holiday cooking, but I figured-might as well do it all at once.

Ana is looking forward to helping me-& Sunday, under close supervision, she already made our mashed potatos for Thanksgiving. She has also made significant headway on the sweet potato casserole.

I have a few tips for you if you try this:
1. Wear good shoes.
2. Use a cookbook like the one above, or like this, or this.
3. Enlist some help-I am having Ana help as long as she can stand it today. We aren't schooling this week-so that works.
I have had the privialge of hearing one of the authors of this book, Mimi Wilson, speak on several occasions-& she is an inspiration. She has also written the book, "Holy Habits" which has been such a help to me.

So, what-cha-think? Have I lost my mind to attempt this all? I'm thinking that come the begining of December, I'm gonna be super thankful I did it!


Becca said...

Let me be the first to say that you HAVE in fact LOST your mind! That, or you're just very, very organized!

Peace and Hugs,

Kim & Dave said...

Becca-no, I'm not highly organized-all my IRL friends can attest to that. But, since Ana is off school this week, & I'm not homeschooling, either, this is the best day to do it!

As to weather or not I have lost my mind, we shall see, shan't we?!?! Ha!!!

Darci said...

From one mind-loser to another, I have always wanted to try this! =)

Tina said...

Well I'm all for once a month cooking...maybe not at holiday time however. :) Let me know how it goes.

Steve and Paula said...

You have not lost your mind. In fact, you are likely going to find parts of it that may have been lost along the way.
It works. ANd, since you have to get everything at once, you will likely save money in the long run.

Susan Tipton said...

I tried this with a friend about 10 years ago. We didn't use that cookbook though- ours turned out not so good. My friends husband called it "cook for a day suffer for a month". I've been meaning to try it again with different recipes. I hope you post again at the end of the month with a review of sorts.

Kim & Dave said...

Susan-I have tried it before, & I sampled many of the dishes yesterday before they went into the freezer. I think there is one recipie that might a flop, but that is more my fault, because I didn't soak the beans long enough. I will update though, after we have eaten most of them!

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