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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DILLion v. DillON (Warning-Rant Ahead!!!)

Ok, ever since I changed my last name from Harvey to DillON, I have wondered WHY people persist in spelling my last name wrong….

I mean, COME ON!

Is it really that hard?

A few weeks ago, I added a couple of counters to my blog, & one of them has a feature where you can see what keyword searches turned up a hit on your blog.

I have been watching this with curiosity, & several times, a search for “DILLION DAYS & DOINGS” has come up. –“ION,” instead of “ON.”

& while miss-spelling my last name when you search for me bugs me a bit, (I can forgive those of you I never talk to in real life-after all, how often have you HEARD me pronounce it?) what I really don’t get is why I have to spell it EVERY TIME I say it over the phone.

I mean, really!

It DOES NOT rhyme with “million” when I say it, does it? So why would you spell it with an “ion” ending?

Pronunciation guide provided here: “Dill-UN.”

Does this kind of stuff bug anyone else? Or do I stand alone in vast crowd of people whose names have been miss-pronounced & miss-spelled?

(Ok, climbing down off my soap box against people who can’t spell-or listen, aparently!)

Oh, & P.S.-if any of you, my good blogger friends, have been one of those searching for me with the wrong spelling- I DO forgive you-especially if you leave me a comment, confessing it was you!!! Ha!!


Tina said...

Well is wasn't me. :) However I always have to spell my last name for people and it's a simple one.

Kim & Dave said...

Really, Tina?!! Now THAT is ridiculous!!!! I KNOW you last name is even easier than mine!!

Does it bug you to have to spell it for people? Or do you get mail with your last name miss-spelled?

Tina said...

It annoys me that I that I have to repeat it all the time and say "like the food." What bugs me more is people misspelling my first name with a K or with Cr instead of CH. Or even worse someone calls me Chris or Chrissy.

Steve and Paula said...

You are not alone!!!!!
I and my wonderful husband are often, mr and mrs RUN I on.
I have no clue as to why its so hard to pronounce Runyan.
ALl our grocery stores have an in store card savings system, and it never fails. The clerk sees our name and says, have a good day, Mr. Run ( pauses) I on.

Kim & Dave said...

Tina-that would bug me, too, that people spelled my first name wrong-or called me the wrong name. But, then, again, it's hard to mess up KIM!! Ha!

Paula-that is so funny! I never thought about it, but I bet you have the EXACT same problem as up-which is probably why I have never even miss-pronounced your name in my head!!

Steve and Paula said...

LOL! Yeah, Steve just gave me a good idea. Next time some one stutters our name, I should just pipe up and say, "it rhymes with ONION".

Kim & Dave said...

Yeah-that's a good idea, Paula! Bet they won't forget that way-ha! Wish I could come up with something for ours to rhyme with, but all I can think of is what it DOESN'T-"million"

Brad said...

My name inevitably ends up as "Bean." Then, I get looked at for stressing the M. ("Just like Jim," I tell them.)

jmquilts said...

I was surprised I have to spell my married last name all.the.time. I thought it was going to be easy...

I never thought of giving you another i. :)

Steve and Paula said...


Kim & Dave said...

Paula-you made me lol!!! I can be assured they wouldn't forget again!!!

Kim & Dave said...

Brad-so funny! Who knew people could screw up such a simple last name!

Joyce-see-I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Brad said...

I was just reminded:
One of our minister's daughters-in-law was born and raised in France.

The birth of second son Dylan apparently revealed a shortcoming in the French language, as the phonetic sounds just weren't there for her.

So, for the first several months, she would call him something to the effect of dion.

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