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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keeping Food Interesting at our House:

I have to admit-I have never been a fan of exotic food.

Dave, on the other hand, loves it!
(but won’t touch things like broccoli or squash-goofy husband of mine!)

When we were on our honeymoon,
Dave was THRILLED to try alligator sausage.

Give me a good old spaghetti squash any day.

Also, he is very brave in the seafood department.
I like seafood allright-but I am not brave!

Here he is, sampling Guatemalan seafood on Ruth’s Pick-Up Trip-
just to prove to you his bravery.
(the soup really has a crab hanging over the edge of the bowl-really!
I could hardly stand looking at it, & I'm usually not squeamish!)

Now, we order our meat through a home delivery service
(which I absolutely love, by the way-meat is always on hand).

One thing we ordered for the first time a few weeks ago was BUFFLAO!
Really, I am not kidding.

It’s supposed to be a leaner, healthier meat.

&, supposedly, there are people out there that like it better than ground beef.

Hmmm…….let’s just say, it must be an “acquired taste.”

I’m not saying it’s terrible or anything
(like the alligator sausage-sorry, Dave)
but, I probably won’t pick a buffalo burger at our local burger joint anytime soon!

What do you all think of “exotic foods?”
Do you try & expose your family to them, or just keep it simple?
(and no, I haven't forgotten my guessing game!!!)


Tina said...

Umm, nope. I try new ways of making the standards and I'm pretty daring there but we don't try exotic things. In fact I don't eat veal, lamb, rabbit, or venison. Nope not me...they were all cute animals...can't do it. I'm sure they are yummy but I'm not eating them. Now I'm more daring in the seafood department. I give you kudos for being brave and trying something new. And as for the guessing game I think you should just tell us now. And just to be evil, I may have news soon too. ;)

Kim & Dave said...

You're mean!

Jennifer said...

How about goat? It really isn't bad. You have to get over the thought of what your eating.:) We all enjoy venison. Joel and I had swordfish and lots of (weird) things on our trip to Mauritus. Love ya, Jenn

Tina said...

Thank you :)

jmquilts said...

Nope. I don't do exoctic foods. I keep with chicken, beef, and mostly pork. ;) Pork - the other white meat. So good for you & so yummy! :)

I like some seafood but don't usually buy it.

I wanted to try buffalo when we went to SD 5 yrs ago but I chickened out. (pardon the pun!)

Kim & Dave said...

Jenn-I have to admit, I don't even like the *idea* of venison-but then I don't have family members shooting them for me! ha!

Joyce-glad to hear there are others like me out there!!!!

Tina-you better spill your guts soon, girl!!!

Tina said...

Here's what I can tell you....there is something in the works and we should know one way or the other next week. Although it may take longer than that and you'll get a clue next week but since I'm only being evil with you, you are the only one that will understand it so make sure all comments are private. I hope that makes sense.

dave.dillon said...

Sounds like this one starts mid way through. Did you intend that?

Shawna said...

we love buffalo, I've never noticed a difference in taste, but it is very easy to overcook since it doesn't have much fat.

That being said, we have very exotic tastes, mostly b/c we force ourselves to try stuff all the time, and we end up LOVING new things.

Laurel said...

I've never had gator sausage, but I enjoyed friend gator years ago when I had it. I love venison (when dressed properly... otherwise it's way too strong) and other wild game, but no rabbit for me. Poor wittle bunny wabbit!

Kim & Dave said...

Sure does Tina! I love you for giving me the inside scoop!!! :D Can't wait to hear something more specific!!! (& I think I have a guess!)

Dave-I fixed the problem!

Shawna-if we ever come over to your house for supper-if you serve something besides beef, chicken or pork-please just keep it to yourself-K?!

Laurel-no wabbit for me, either!

Shawna said...

ha no worries! if you don't ask, I won't tell ya!

Brad said...

Consider the invite to my church's Wild Game Dinner revoked.

Steve and Paula said...

So called exotic foods, are traditional foods. Foods that our ancestors thrived on.
Real food that has been demonized ;o)

I have learned to get over most of my food inhibitions, and my health is incredibly better for it, praise God!

You should try reading through Weston A Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

I say, go for pure grass fed beef( not grain finished), and call it good in the meat department for you!

Shawna said...

Preach it Paula!

Kim & Dave said...

Paula-our beef is all pure grass fed-& we have had much better tummies since switching over! :)

Steve and Paula said...

Thats all that counts Kim!
Food that has been raised the way God intended it to be, and then prepared in traditional manner will truly nourish the body!!

Now, I have no idea what I would do if I had you guys over for a meal.
We eat only wild game, real lard, wild fish and raw dairy, in addition to our veges.
We are almost grain free around here as well, and we have never felt better.
You would never know Steve was type 1, unless you saw him take insulin.
I get most of my calories from a minimum of 70% saturated fats.
With no grains, it means I do not have to worry about how much I eat.
I am still losing weight!!
And energy is through the roof all day long, unless I ingest an allergen.

Kim & Dave said...

Paula-we eat fresh fish flash frozen on the boat, too, & all our chicken is grass fed as well!

IF we ever make it to Alaska-I will eat what ever you make, I promise!!! (remember, over half of our extended family now eats GF/CF, too, so we are "used" to that!)

Steve and Paula said...

You are awesome ;o)
Is not the difference between naturally raised meat and commercial, mind blowing?
The chemical taste that soy fed meat leaves in my mouth is awful!

Kind of off topic, but I learned something interesting a few eeks ago, that I had never thought about.
Many people get manure formt eh farm for their gardens.

But it never occured to me, to make sure the manure came only from an organic farm. Not because of the grain feeding, but because of the massive amounts of drugs the animals are given.
I amso thankful for our chickens!
I know the leavings are "clean"!

Hey, and open invitation.
We would love to have you up sometime.

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