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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"How Clean is Your......."


SO…..are you ready for another story?
(Ok, & some thoughts…..you know me! Wink!)

A few days ago, I made the mistake of opening my home to a door to door sales person. (mistake, I say, because I find it so hard to say “Just say ‘no.’ ”)

She came to my porch on one of the hottest afternoons we have had last week,
& I felt sorry for her out there in the heat.

She asked me how I felt about “indoor air pollution.”

Honestly, I haven’t ever even thought about it,
except in the winter when the house is all germy & closed up.

But…..as already mentioned, we keep things open in the summer around here.

(now that I think about it, wild animals [wink]
inside the house might be considered “indoor pollution.” Haa!)

But, I digress.

The woman at my door told me if we would agree to a presentation, we would be entered into a drawing for $500 of free groceries.

Hey, in today’s economy, “free” anything helps, right????

Somewhat reluctantly, I signed up for this presentation.

Last night, she arrived on our doorstep,
(a half hour late-she couldn’t find our house.Rolling Eyes ) presentation in tow.

Come to find out, she sells a whole house air purifier/vacuum combo.

Course, it took three hours for her to present it all to us
(she started at 8:30 pm), & finally told us the cost at the very end.

$2,500!!!!Eyes Poppin

(which really wasn’t too much of a shock-we have sat through this type of thing before)

On top of all this, she tried to insult the vacuum we DO have
(which we also spent a bunch of money on). GRRR.

To be fair, hers really did do a better job cleaning,
but you have to wonder what is “sales gimmick”
& what is actually proven to function better,
since there was no “Consumer Report” review of it.
(Especially for the air purifier part).

We told them “no,” (of course-like we could afford it right now even if we did want it!), & she then tried all the guilt tactics on us-“Don’t you want clean air for your precious children?” and on & on…..BIG eye roll here! (especially since it is now 11pm at night & I just want to go to bed!!!!!)

I told her that it may not be the best choice in her eyes,
but our priorities are different right now.


But, just as my head hit the pillow, I thought of what I should have said to her.
(why does that always happen after they walk away?!?!?)

“You know, IF we had $2,500 to spend on your “system,” I can think of a lot of things we should spend it on before that. Having been in a 3rd world country, we have seen the things that really matter. Ridding our house of every microbial contaminant isn’t that important, in the grand scheme of things. IF we had that kind of money, we should send it to our missionary friends, or our lawyer in Guatemala-who has a program for young, single moms, or any other HOST of needy causes in the country of our childrens’ birth. Or for that matter, any country in the world……the people are needy. Needy for food, clean water & medicine….&, most importantly, Jesus. We just can’t spend our money like this, when we are healthy, clean & well-fed.”

(Now, I could understand it if we had health issues that required a more sterile environment.)

Anyway……I guess it just seemed selfish.
At least for us, we decided if would be.
I don’t know…..what do you guys think?

(Oh……& by the way, we DID win a $300 gas card.
So, I got paid $300, & learned a lesson in selfishness.
All in a day’s work, I guess….)

The girls cleaned our fans for us the last few days......
I guess so we can bring more "outdoor pollution" in!!!
Good night, all!
(Dave & I are going on a date tonight-our first since before we picked up Natty.
My sister who moved here is watching the kids tonight, & Friday afternoon,
I'll watch hers so she & her hubby can go out!)


Anna said...

I agree that is way too much $ to spend on a vacuum cleaner!
That was a pretty good bonus though getting that $300 gas card- very useful right now with petrol SOOOOO expensive!!

Hope you had (or maybe have-I get mixed up with time differences)a great night out just the 2 of you! I think its wonderful to make the time to do that regularly-we are NOT good at that and need to do it more. Time just gets away doesn't it.
Take care,

Faithful Froggers said...

Those salespeople really do make you think about how clean your air is . . . but I agree - that money could be better spent helping others.

Have fun on your date night! :)

Kim & Dave said...

Anna-I think the time difference can be SUPER confusing....I know I get that way sometimes when I read your blog, too! :-)

Ladies, we did have a great time on our date last night.....just went to see "Prince Caspian." Very well done, in our opinion!

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