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They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Birthday Rundown.....(& some extra "mommy" reflections)!

I can’t believe how the time has flown!

Became this:
Which grew into this:
And now is TWO!!!!
Friday night was Ruth’s last bottle......

& we had a bottle funeral yesterday
(reminded me of the goldfish funeral from the first Cosby show! Hee!! Hee!!).
Ruthie put her last one in the trash right before bed,
& went to sleep with almost no protest (& only a “bup”-“cup” in her little fingers!)

(To my surprise, I didn’t shed even the tiniest tear over my pink baby bottles going in the trash. This is perhaps a commentary on how “done” we feel. Three kids is enough for me……although we thought two was enough at one time also……who knows????)

Another milestone: today was her first day in Sunday School.

Anyway, when milestones are reached with my kids, I always get a bit nostalgic.

But, with a couple I didn’t birth……& didn’t even know about-until Ruth was 3 weeks old, & Natty at 1 &1/2 weeks, thoughts of their birthmama of course come to mind.

Did she look into Ruth’s eyes & wonder if she could go through with her decision?
I’m sure she did.

Did she kiss her little nose & say, “Oh, mi hija. Te quiero mucho, mi amor!!!”
“Oh, my daughter! I love you so much , my love!”
Of course she did (or at least something similar).

Do thoughts of Ruthie fill her mind on June 27th?
I think we know the answer to that one, don’t we?

Can I ever express the love Dave & Ana & I feel for her making her sacrificial decision?
No. There will never be words.

But, “Gracias!” Your decisions (both times) have completed our family,
& thank-you for giving them life & for choosing a better life for them out of love.
YOU are part of God’s gift to our family.
And, then, of course,
where would we be without Mama Anna & family?

They have lovingly cared for two of our children as we waited for God to move the mountains of governments & have handed our children over to us at the end!

We love you all, & miss you & hope to visit you again one day!

A fitting end to the day, don’t you think?
Happy birthday, Ruthie!

And, finally, if you haven't had enough of your picture fix......click on the picture below!

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Ruthie's Special Day


One Busy Momma said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

Denise (PackGirl)

Tina said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Ruth!!!! We hope you had a GREAT day and lots of goodies to enjoy.

Anna said...

What special photos Kim! Its great to see those photos of Ruth growing up. I think the photo of her eating (and wearing) that chocolate cake is wonderful!!! She is loving it!!

What a big milestone for a little person 2 is and she is just beautiful. Hope she enjoyed her first day at Sunday School too.

It is such a privilege i think to be an adoptive mother.

Take care


Robyn said...

She is beautiful!! Happy 2nd Birthday Ruthie!!


dave & rachel said...

Thanks for sharing those! What a blessing she has been in your life!

Kim & Dave said...

Thanks for the well-wishes guys!

Kim & Dave said...

Oh....& Anna-she didn't care one hoot when I dropped her off for Sunday School! Didn't even look back!

Anna said...

Glad she had no problem going to Sunday School. You know you want them to settle quickly but its kind of nice too when they are a just a little bit sad to see you go!!hehe! I know I have the same thing with my 2 yo. Would not notice or care what I did either when I drop her off now! Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Catching up...
The bird story: I probably would've done the same thing David did, except there's no cell reception at my church. (We may all claim we're from rural states, but let's face it -- we grew up in the city.)

Birthday: I hope Ruthie enjoyed her trip (via birthday card) to visit los animales.

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