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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

OK……I need all your BEST travel tips.

I have a 7 year old girl, an almost two year old girl & an almost one year old boy.

We are taking off later today on a 10 hour drive. That’s with no stops.

(Who are we kidding? We can’t do that with no stops!)

At least no one is potty training yet-ha!!!

I am going by myself as DH can’t get time off work.

I love to drive cross country, so that’s probably not going to be much of an issue, but I can get tired (any tips appreciated!!!!!! Besides an IV drip of caffine-ha!!!!!) & I need to know how to keep the babies entertained…..

(the big one can watch tv, play games with me or read)

Here are my blooper pics (& I’m sure after driving this much, we will be getting a WHOLE lot more “blooper pics,” wouldn’t you agree? wink!!)

Tune in later this weekend for pics of my cousin’s wedding, & thoughts on attending weddings. (that should be interesting, right???)


Maria and Jose Flores(Boston) said...

These are hilarious! Love the falling asleep one
the flores family

Patti said...

Cute photos! Have a wonderful trip!

The Wright Family said...

Okay that last photo makes me laugh so hard.... happy traveling!!
I have 14 yr old and 1 yr old on a 7hr trip. We had dvd player for him and he did great. The Teen slept! (she loves to do MadLibs and does them with us and it makes us laugh hard when she reads the story)

Ellie said...



Dena said...

that looks like what your trip will be filled with! hahahahaha

no advice sorry!

Leslie said...

Very cute!!!!

Anna said...

Classic pics Kim! Praying for you for safe and 'calm' travelling on your long trip.
I took our 2 girls on a 10 hour trip a few months back on my own but we did split the trip overnight which helped. Putting lots of essentials like drinks and snacks in easy reach of you on the passenger side helps so you can just pass them back. Everything in easy reach like CD's to change etc is helpful. My 2 slept a bit which was good too.
Lots of people tell me that those portable DVD players are wonderful to entertain kids on long trips.
Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.
Take care,

Sarah said...

Taht last one is my favorite! Droopy eyeslids when you catch them mid-blink are hilarious!

Good luck on the 10 hour drive!

Our Family of 5 said...

Cute pictures! Good luck on your trip. Not sure I have any tips besides maybe small road trip games, but the little ones? Humm, not sure. Can you leave in the evening and maybe they will sleep? Or maybe no naps and they will sleep in the car? Good luck!

Hannah said...

Funny pictures! Have a great weekend.


Amy said...

Cute pics...good luck on your road trip...you are a brave woman!

Jenelle said...

Cute! I love the first picture.

As for your trip, sing! My family sang to my little brother for twelve hours on the way to Colorado once. It worked okay. Maybe they'll sleep the whole way. Good luck!

As for staying awake, try a mocha java chiller from Sonic. Delicious way to get some caffine! I'm in love with them.

Young Creations said...

I love the pictures. It has always amazed me that babies can fall asleep just any where at any time. Have a great weekend.

Robyn said...

What great bloopers!!


Kara and Darr said...

So cute!
Best wishes,

Marianne said...

Very cute..bloopers allow us to she our children's spirit..you have a beautiful family.

Safe travels!

Rory said...

Drive through the night! It works everytime!!! Are you going to be in Lawrence at all? Let me know...I want to see you! Love ya!

Dewey & Stacey said...

Oh good luck on the drive!! We have found that 3 hours is the "melt down" point. Around that time we find the nearest exit and stop to let the boys run around.
Let us know how it went.
Cute cute bloopers!!
Have a great weekend

Kim & Dave said...

Thanks for all the tips!!

We mad it through the majority of our trip.

Rory-yes we are in Lawrence today only!

Becca said...

Oh - I'm praying for you guys! Traveling without a buddy? Brave woman. Love the Blooper Pics - can't wait to see the ones that come forth from the trip!

Peace and Hugs,

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