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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I’m Trying Something New!!!!


My wonderful hubby is letting me try a menu planning service.

We did have debates over it was worth the $5 a month is costs,
but we decided it was worth having someone else do the brain work this requires of me.
Student Head Explodes
SO…..a few weeks ago, I downloaded my first menus & grocery store lists.

Now, I have three weeks worth of menus (supper only)
that my entire family will like with only minor adjustments!!!
(Well, everyone but picky almost two year olds-
but we all know how hard they can be to please, right? Ha!!! Ha!!!)

We have had “Pecan Crusted Flounder,” “Chicken Dijon Linguini”
& tonight we are having “Bacon & Cheese Quiche.”
Sides have included salad, green beans & tonight it is a fresh fruit salad.

I feel so domestic!

How do you handle menus?
Or do you use them at all?

(see my other post today, please)


agnes said...

thanks for visiting my blog. lovely children you have.

Anna said...

What a great idea! I have recently started doing a monthly menu plan again as I found that I would get to late afternoon and be stressing what I was going to cook for dinner and not have what I needed to cook it. There are a few afternoons I am out taking kids to activities and we have things on in the evening so I need quick dinners on those nights. The menu is great as you can plan for those quick meals and now I don't have to be always thinking what to cook. For this stage of my life it is WONDERFUL!!! Before kids I tried doing menu plans but always seemed to not stick to them but my brain needs this extra help these days!!! hehe!
You'll get more variety too which is good as its all planned out. Hope you enjoy it.

Also hope Ruth is better soon- poor little thing. Not nice at all having a stomach bug as they don't understand why they feel so awful.

Take care and hope you all don't get it,

Kim & Dave said...

Anna-Yeah....quick is what I need right now-& so far, as long as I do a bit of prep work earlier in the day, the evenings have gone ok...

But, perhaps the best thing about this menu is that they provide a shopping list for you, too.

Dewey & Stacey said...

I think a Menu service is a great idea!!! And I love that it comes with a shopping list. No more wandering down the aisles at the store wondering what to buy and then forgetting what you need. Keep us posted if it works for you.
So far I have not tried a menu. I go with the last minute stress on what to cook and the same old "standby" dishes. :)
Have a great week!

Kim & Dave said...

Stacey-yes....wandering isles aimlessly always brings me out of the store with more than I needed, too!

I actually got in & out with only things on the list the other day!

novel concept, I know...wink!

Joyce said...

I tried a few of those when I was active on Flylady and usually about 1 meal in 10 was tolerable in this house. I guess they don't do fancy!!

My sisters however love them!!

Keep us posted!

Kim & Dave said...

Joyce-that's what I like about these...,.is they are things NORMAL people eat, LOL!!!

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