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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Promised Story.....

OK, last night Dave had a meeting at church.
After he left, I put all the kids to bed,
fully anticipating my quiet night at home.

Well, it was not to be.

(try not to laugh too loud at me, blogger friends!!!)

Sitting at my computer, browsing my forums, foxnews.com, & an occasional blog,
I decided I should open the front door to let the night breeze in.

(We have no screen door,
but keep in mind this is Colorado,
& we rarely have bugs.
Nice perk, I know!)

So……kids all “a-bed.”

Me, relaxed in front of the computer screen.

Dusk slowly settling in & wind blowing a cool breeze through the house now & then.

After about 5 minutes of this unwinding (yeah-only 5 minutes),
out of the corner of my eye, something flashed by!
My first thought???

“Wow, that was a HUGE moth!” (which we do sometimes have this time of year here).
But, “No,” I thought. “That was way too huge to be a moth. Surely it wasn’t a BAT!!!!!”

(Oh, the HORROR when that thought crossed my mind!!!)

I decided this needed further investigation……
as I heard rustling noises then proceeding from my kitchen.


I cautiously rounded the corner to find…….

A bird, caught in my garden window behind the flower pot!!!

The poor thing!
It made me sick to my stomach to see him banging his head
on the window over
& over trying to get out!

I pulled the blind….

& pulled out my phone to call my rescuer of damsels in distress!

(who had only been at church about 5 minutes when his cell phone rang,
interrupting his meeting!)

Dave,” my voice quivered over the line …… “you have to come home.
There is a bird stuck in the garden window!”


(yeah, my rescuer laughs at me!)
Belly Laugh
Then, “Let me put you on speaker phone!”


So, all the guys in the meeting get the chance to hear the story first-hand.

(no, I’m not embarrassed at allWinky 2 -love you, Dear!!!)

Dave left the meeting to comments of, “See you later ‘Bird Brain!’ ”

(Haa!! Ha!!! Those guys at the meeting really love us a bunch, can ya tell????)

Formulating a plan on his way home,
my knight in shining amour walked in about 20 minutes later.

(meanwhile, I had been hearing the occasional flutter/flapping of wings,
& squawk every few minutes!)

Within a few short moments, we had the plants removed from the window,
& the large window next to the kitchen window emptied of it’s glass & screen.

And the bird flew out the open window.

Birdie (it looked something like this, but the colors weren't quite as bright)

Whew! We didn’t even have to coax it or anything!

Dave replaced the window panes & the screen,
washed up & headed back for the remainder of his meeting.

I cleaned up the garden window & sink area
& put everything back in it’s place……



Sat down in front of my computer for my long awaited quiet end to my day!
Starry Night
(made even sweeter by the upheaval that preceded it!)

Goodness, life never quits, does it????

(Well, at least we’re never bored, huh?)

(don’t forget to scroll down for cute “Wordless Wednesday” pics!)


Tina said...

That doesn't sound too bad, but you don't strike me as the type of girl that would need rescuing. :) Funny story back.... about a year and a have ago I come home late to find feathers ALL over of living room and my new cat with a semi plucked bird in its mouth. The storm had blown open the screen door and Greg had the door to the mud room open so in entered 2 birds. It was MY job to rescue the birds and then clean the living room. Both survived but the cat and Greg almost didn't :)

Kim & Dave said...

Well, the truth is, Tina, if it had been an infestation of MOTHS, I would have been on my own!

Dave doesn't do so well with them. ;-)

Yeah.....I like to think I'm a country girl, being raised in KS, & all....but sometimes, the "city" in me gets the better of me!

Anna said...

Thats hilarious!!! How annoying for you though to have your nice evening interupted!! My husband would do something like that too (putting you on speaker phone!!)if I was in that situation! hehe!

Love all the WW pics too...how dextrous you are feeding Natty 'on the run' so to speak!

Take care,

Joyce said...

Ok.. I'm trying not to chuckle but that is tooo funny! :) That's what you get for no bugs or screen doors in CO. ;)

Yeah for your Knight in Shining Armor!

Kim & Dave said...

Anna & Joyce-glad you all got a chuckle!!

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