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Through the Lords’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness!
Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, June 9, 2008


Yeah…..I started it about 2-3 months ago.

Crazy……I used to think…

But, in my quest to be more healthy,
I need to loose some weight,
& I wanted to strengthen my heart.

But, I have a question or two for some of you, especially if you have asthma.

I have been running for 4 minutes, walking for one.

I set the treadmill at .5 incline.

I work out for 25 minutes….

But, some days, I’m DYING while running,
& other days I feel like I could keep going forever
(which I know IS SO FAR FROM true!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!)

Do some of you more experienced runners have this happen?

Especially if you have asthma, do you struggle with this?

What could be causing this?

Any ideas to help me?

(By the way,
my asthma doc is totally comfortable with me running…..
the asthma is under control enough).

Some of my reasons for trying to be more healthy:

A big girl "date night" with Grammie when she was just here.
Notice we are all proudly sporting our Jayhawk wear.
Much to our chagrin, the young guy who took our picture,
had NO CLUE who the Jayhawks are!!!
Oh Well


Pamela said...

Hi Kim...... great blog! Your title verse in Lamantations is our verse and the one I have on my blog. Keep up the exercise gal...and if you really want to dive into better health check out the Nourishing Traditions book by Sally Fallon.....we got started on it at Paula's, bought the book and reaping benefits of changing our eating patterns big time. Great pics of you all with Grammie Steph. Natty is so so adorable....
Hi to you all, Shannon and the whole Mihm clan...bet your all so thrilled to have them there.
Love, Pam & Tim

Kim & Dave said...

Hi, Pam! Thanks for the advise!!

We are THRILLED w/ having family here!!!

So far, we have been very busy with them & have seen them almost every day!!


Will you be in Lawrence next weekend? I HOPE to be at the Chapel on Sunday, as we will be coming back from my cousin's wedding in Iowa!

Hope to see you then!

Anna said...

Hi Kim,
Good on you for being so healthy and exercising. I don't really know why you feel like that some days. I know when I used (note the past tense here...oh dear!!) to ride my exercise bike some days seemed easier than others. Not sure why.

Love your reasons for keeping fit and healthy!!!

Now we have a dog I need to do lots of walking now...good for him and really good for me!!

Take care,

Tina said...

Hey Girl...way to go on the health kick. I too have been trying to be better. Lost 13 lbs so far but I'm still trying to add in some exercise time. Maybe soon I'll have that part situated. Oh and I love your 8's.

MomSoapBox said...

Good for you! I have yet to get back into exercising more. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

Steve and Paula said...

Hi Kim,
You should get on Raw milk. It will help your asthma a great deal.
Also, adding cod liver oil.
Check out Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

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