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Lam. 3: 22 & 23

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Recommendation…….

Dave & I went on a date the other night-& ended up at one of our favorite places-Borders!

(now I can really hear some of you chuckling-“What a LAME-o life they have!!!” Hey-if any of you have BETTER date ideas when it’s cold, dark & we don’t do movies on dates-feel free to share!!!)

But, we DID go to dinner before that-just so you don’t think we’re total losers.

But, back to the bookstore-we pick a time to meet & just turn loose.

I wandered around looking for Christmas gifts for the kids-oh, the agony of having to choose-new “Little House on the Prairie” books for Ana, Nancy Drew-the ENTIRE old series that I grew up on, or cute little stories for the babies.

I finally made my decisions & meandered into the adult section-
& right out of the kiddos area there was a shelf of “adoption books.”

Just as an aside-I remember one "date night" about 3 years ago-I approached that section with great trepidation-& almost looked around to see if anyone was watching me pick up a book written by an adult adoptee. It was one of the first steps *I* took down the path of adoption-& I was scared to death to pick up that book. But, once I did, I couldn’t put it down.

Anyway, this time, I saw the book:

OK, I don’t usually get into these types of books.

They are just waaaaay to “touchy-feely” or something.

Probably why I’m kinda picky about the authors I read-
I don’t much care for fluff-know what I mean?

I like to be made to think……even when reading fiction.

BUT…..this one-I, once again, couldn’t put down.

If you have been touched by adoption (in any way),
this is a book that you will never forget reading.

(& may I say-if anyone out there is considering adoption-this is a MUST READ!)


Cedar Hill Chronicles said...

Plumbing dates.....anyone!
They are most exciting checking out the latest in toilet seats, plungers...as hubby shops for what's on his list.......believe me I've been on many of them in 35 years!
I must say Borders sounds better Kim! Nancy Drew.......funreading ahead for Ana.......I love those books growing up. My sister still has my mom & aunts original set.

Tara said...

Hi Kim -- My mother-in-law gave me that book right after Gabi came home and I broke down in tears reading the first story (probably because it was such an emotional time). I put it away, but your post is making me pull it out again. Now that things have settled, I may be able to get through it without crying my eyes out! Hope you're doing well! Tara

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